oh so many updates

An update on Zeke's allergies: I can now officially eat cheese. We have tried it on numerous occasions now with no dire effects. Milk- not so much. While he didn't scream and scream like he used to, he still had pretty bad gas and some nasty diapers. I figure he couldn't have been comfortable. But we are on our way!

An update on his kidneys: We are now only once a day meds. Although we have been switched to a new kind and Zeke is NOT a fan. I dont blame him, it smells like cough syrup.

An update on sleeping: Since implementing my new plan, nights have been awesome! Once we started a schedule and routine he went right back to his old 8 o clock bedtime, which I LOVE because it gives Josh and I some "us" time. He wakes up once around 2 in order to eat and moves into our bed between 5 and 7 the second time he wakes up. Then he sleeps with me until 8. We are pretty much were we were a month ago, to be honest. A trip and a sickness and another sickness threw us all off. Also, his new non-napping made things a lot harder.

And naps, surprisingly, are still a stickler. Who ever heard of a baby that sleeps at night well but doesn't nap? I thought those were easier!

Anyways, I haven't been allowing any sleeping past 5 o clock because it throws off his night. The problem was he was just taking 15 minute snoozes here and there all day and then crashing at 6 and napping 2 hours and waking up at 8. So what I've been doing this week is any time he gets tired from 12-4 I encourage it and try to get him to take a nap. Still 15 minutes later he is up.

So what has been happening is that in the later afternoon I give up any chance of him napping and lay down with him. Then he will nap for an hour, two hours, even three hours. This is great but I cant lay down with him every day! But at the same time he HAS to have a nap or its meltdown city, and I think 2 even would be best.

Soooo, I will pick a time this week (or maybe 2 times) where I will really commit to napping. I will feed and rock and put him in his crib with his sleeping blanket (this was designated to be a sleep association earlier in our struggles). When he wakes up in 15 minutes I will rock again. And again. And again if I have to. Until he has slept at least an hour. I will get nothing done during this time but the plan is just to get him used to sleeping during the day. Sleeping by himself will be the next step.

This is pretty much how I've been night training. And if I can do it at night, I am sure I can do it during the day!

By the way, here are some great pictures! Just being super cute, plus his newest hat. Although I have to take a hat-break to make some washclothes. Now that he is eating solids I need some!

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