New Pictures

No news, its been a boring week so far I guess because I have nothing to say about the past 4 days at all. Just thought I'd put up some pictures since Ezekiel is refusing to be put down and driving me absolutely bonkers. I think he woke up from his nap on the wrong side of the crib or something. Oh well for mopping today, my floors can just be dirty.

This was taken earlier this week, the result of Zeke's newest game, entitled I Want Whatever Mommy Has. It started with my food. That's classic. Then the crochet hooks, I got that, they are shiny and easy to hold. Then there was the apple he held all day long. But a can of tomato sauce? I put my foot down at the cheese grater one night, which started off Zeke's very first fit.

I love this game, really.

Here is one of Zeke's new booties. Now that Zeke naps with me I've been a crocheting fool. Oh yeah, did I mention that yet? Yes, my son who sleeps 10 hours every night alone in his crib with only 1 or 2 wake-ups refuses to nap alone...AT ALL. Trust me, I've tried. So I spend 2 or 3 hours a day now either reading or crocheting...sometimes I watch TV or get on the net, all while holding him.

Fighting him during the day was messing him up at night. And I LOVE our nights recently. So I gave in. He'll outgrow it and its getting me caught up on the Viscount de Bragelonne.

And this is that hat I mentioned, cute huh? I'm making a few more for Zeke's friends soon. I also need to find a cute girl hat to make Molly too. She will only marry Zeke if I bribe her lol. Or at least bribe her mom!

Isn't this adorable? Kim took it at the Arboreum and I just love it for some reason.

Zeke playing.

Playing with his toes and *kind of* sitting up. I don't think he will ever really sit up. He gets so mad when you make him try. Trust me, this lasted about 6 seconds for the picture. He flops right over, and when you try to pull him back up he locks his knees so you cant.

I don't know why I bother, he's such a stinker. He wont ever try anything until HE wants to.


Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

so cute! Yes, you might as well learn that lesson now about the their own time...

:) Rhenda

Jennspiration said...

I love the hats and booties! So darling! Oh, and Zeke is darling too!