Josh and I went to Greenbluff yesterday. Sadly it was our first trip this year! Zeke was too young for me to attempt it, so we missed the strawberries, and the cherries, and the peaches, and the tomatoes :( We had a lot of fun however and picked apples, and a pumpkin, and even got some late prunes. We both agreed that next year we will make up for it by going an extra lot. Plus, how much fun will it be when Zeke can enjoy it more? I must say, even this time he was pretty pleased, he loves being outdoors so much. Next year will be even better.

Me picking apples.
Zeke wanted an apple to hold.

Ok, Zeke wanted LOTS of apples to hold! He laughed as I kept piling them in with him.

Josh looking for prunes.

Zeke wanted a prune too but I had to take it away when he tried to eat it.

When we got home Ezekiel STILL wanted to hold at least one apple. He thought it was a really fun toy until he got bored and threw it across the kitchen, giving it a big ol bruise. Oh well.

We also got some really great pictures of Zeke in the pumpkins. You don't get any of those today because they, along with some more I will take later this week, will be his "4 month" pictures so I'm taking the time to work on them a little in photoshop before I "reveal" them.

Its my goal to finish them this week, though, so don't get too anxious. I will also be making and canning applesauce for Zeke. Or at least trying! I'll admit I've never canned anything in my life, nor even SEEN anything canned. It might be interesting. I said, "How hard can it be?" and Josh gave me one of those looks that he likes to give me when I'm biting off more than I can chew. He knows better than to say anything but I know that look! I will show him. I can do anything with the Lord who gives me strength, also with a combination of wiki-how and youtube.

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Jennspiration said...

I love those Apple pictures! And I can see his little skeleton shirt peeking out! Is it still going to fit by Halloween?!