First food!


Hey, what are you two doing?

Are you going to feed me?

Heres me and my cereal!

Give it to me!!!

Oh that's good!

I want more!

Aaaaaaand a video!

PS, Yes that is a measuring spoon. I was not following the 7 P's and hadn't bought a baby spoon yet. My dad always said, prior proper planning prevents piss-poor performance! (I heard that a LOT, and now so does Josh, and soon so will Zeke though it might become 6 P's...piss really isn't an appropriate word...)

So just Saturday I was telling Melanie (Ezekiel's grandma) that I thought Zeke might be ready for some food (or at least some very watery cereal) but I wanted to wait until his meds were 1 time a day instead of 3 times, i.e. next week. You see, though I'd planned on waiting another month (when he's 5 months) to introduce solids, Zeke has been getting hungrier and hungrier at night. Nursing sometimes an hour straight and then again 2 hours later! Plus he's been watching me eat and mimicking my motions like opening my mouth and chewing. And forever grabbing my food. All signs of solid readyness, though he cant sit in his highchair yet without slumping over.

But like I said, his meds are 3 times a day currently and the nurses warned me might upset his tummy till hes used to them. So I thought we will try next week when he hits 4 months and is on the meds only once a day.

Then Saturday night Zeke nursed and nursed and nursed. And I was empty, and he was still hungry! This has never happened before! Not even close! So we thawed a bottle and he ate another 3 ounces! Then Sunday night it looked like it would happen again! So out came the fancy organic cereal. And let me tell you Zeke loved it! (It actually doesn't taste bad, it was really sweet, although this is probably because I made it with breastmilk and my breastmilk is somehow vanilla flavored. Its kind of gross its so sweet.) Any-whos he kept leaning forward and opening his mouth for more so he must have liked it. And for a first feeding he swallowed quite a bit of it, he really had the tongue motion down!

This morning I made it a bit thicker (I think it was too thin last night but I didn't want him to choke) and he gobbled 2 Tbl down at once without breathing it seemed! So he must have been ready. Its so much fun. In a few weeks we'll do vegetables!

Dr Morgan gave me a kind of ridiculous feeding schedule that I will probably follow to a T because Im a first-time mom and rather fond of schedules.
1st month- cereal morning and night.
2nd month- cereal morning, veggie night.
3rd month- cereal and fruit morning, veg afternoon, veg and fruit at night.
4th month- cereal and fruit, veg and fruit, meat and veg

I dont know what happens after this. I'll be tired of such a strict schedule and do whatever I want, probably. Josh thinks this will happen before 4 months. Maybe. I wouldn't be suprised. Once he can eat small chunks it'll be a lot easier to pick bits from my food to give him. I'm a really healthy eater so I don't see why not.

And now a picture just for fun!
Tom Cruise ain't got nothing on this baby!

As if I could really tell a picture in stories huh? You knew I'd also write forever! A picture may be worth 1,000 words but so are 1,000 words right?


Kait Toompas said...

That is so funny that you think your milk taste like vanilla. How did you find that out? Just curious! I'm a little against trying Molly's food but my own breastmilk? Hillarious!
Zeke should teach Molly how to eat, he's much better at it than she is... :)

Jennspiration said...

Wow, it looks like he's a natural! Way to go Zeke! I love that video, it's like I'm right there. Can't wait to see you guys!