Were going home!

De ja vu right? I think I already have a post of that title dated 3 months ago...

So Dr Morgan says we are going home with some low dose antibiotics (oral) after our last round of IV antibiotics at 12. The plan thus far is he will take these for a few years probably. Once a year we will go in for a cosult and bladder scan with our new specialist Dr Star. The hope is that he will outgrow the urinary reflux sooner or later, prolly when he's 3-6. Dr Star says he's a level 2 so he'd be really really suprised if he didnt outgrow it.

So all in all not that bad. Pills for a few years sucks but hey I did it and it wasnt that scarring. The horrid part I remember is the being tied down to a metal table spread eagle and cathetered and told to pee while they take pictures for almost an hour behind a huge concrete wall. That was awful yesterday and I am not looking forward to doing it a few more times with a baby actually old enough to remember. The good news is Dr Morgan says he thinks I can request Zeke to be put out for the procedure next time when he's 1. Dr Star verified this. Its a "concious anasthesia" whatever that means. Im doing it no matter what its called. It was bad enough yesterday.

Sooooo, yeah. M+M peeps I will see you tomorrow at the Oct meeting. Thanks everyone for prayers and offers to help. Mostly we are just tired and bored, though. Nothing going home wont help.


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Kait Toompas said...

I'm so glad you're going home. I believe concious sedation is a God send. I don't know if you were just being sarcastic or not but what I understood about consious sedation opposed to unconcious sedation is that they don't have to intibate because you're awake and able to breath on your own which also eliminates an anesthesiologist. (sp... wow)