The wonders of Josh

Im a bit bored at the moment, the baby is asleep and my husband at home depot. So I will use this as an excuse to publicly humiliate him. I was just looking at pictures today, trying to pick what I will use for the collage I am putting up in the kitchen (that big empty wall is finally getting to me). And I thought, hey, why not do a history of Josh? Pretty much my husband over the last 4 years with various stages of facial hair.

The respectable days... Josh HATES that last picture. Its part of why I love it so much. I will admit he did not put on the hat willingly.

Perhaps turning into a pirate?

I take it back... a mountain man.

Or a cuban?

Haha. I just love it. I should keep taking pictures of him, I haven't been as often lately. Not only do I fully enjoy them but I bet Zeke will someday too.

Anyways, all of this beside I have accomplished things this week, really. I finished a bunch of wash clothes and another hat for Zeke. And this one is REALLY cute, I followed a pattern and everything, which I've never done before. I'm making some matching booties and then I will take a picture. Also I made applesauce. And canned it and everything. It is gorgeous, if I do say so myself. ;) And I do.

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Jennspiration said...

Tell Josh his sister says "HI"