Malachi the Walker

Not really, but it is closer every day.

Right now we are at that stage where he wants to walk, and he loves to pull himself along the length of the couch, but he is not nearly brave enough to take that real first step. Or, for that matter, balanced enough for that first step to be a good idea.
But we did get out Zeke's old walker. And after the half hour it took to convince Zeke that it was his brother's walker now, because he already knew how to walk, and what a nice brother he was for helping teach his brother to walk, ect, Malachi even got to use it. He was ecstatic, and got many congratulations for walking around the house.
I just can't believe how big he is getting. Hardly even a baby anymore, it seems.

But other days, such a baby, in the best possible sense. Especially compared to this kid:
Who cant be honestly called a baby in any sense anymore.

This morning Zeke was playing upstairs and ran down to tell me that the baby woke up "in his bed". I thanked him, but corrected as we walked up the stairs that they baby was in "mommy and daddy's bed". Zeke just gave me one straight look and said "that IS baby's bed!"

You got me, son. Separation anxiety set in shortly after 6 months and Josh and I gave up before the fight had even started, I don't think we've attempted to put him in the crib at night for a month at least. I think this time around we just know all too clearly how short this stage is. Zeke almost never climbs in bed with us anymore.

Then again if we dont at least start him in his crib pretty soon this stage wont be so short after all.

But I best go eat at apple.
We went to the orchard with our preschool co-op on Friday, and not registering that we were leaving town this week, I picked a box. An apple pie, a can or two of applesauce, and a few apples eaten later I still have quite a few left over.

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Mama Kayla said...

They are so precious. I love reading about the two of them!!!