Be More

I get to the point every once in a while when staring at my monthly calender that I not only wonder how I'm going manage all of this, but even why. It's a certain sign of burn-out.

So this comic found me sitting at the kitchen table and already committing to figuring out what is really important and necessary and what isnt.

I wonder sometimes, how I continuously manage to burn myself out, and then I look at my calender again and realize:

-That I'm not only attending Mindful Mama's every Thursday, but now I'm doing the MM playgroup every Tuesday as well, and have somehow became "in charge" of it enough that I feel guilty every time I cant make it.

-I also volunteered to set up, host, maintain, and update their website. Which means I'm scrambling every week to find an hour to write the meeting minutes, and feeling guilty that the website still looks ridiculously plain.

-And then I volunteered to be 1 of a 2 member team that plans out and schedules the weekly speakers for Thursday's meetings.

-THEN I decided to go ahead and be on the BloomSpokane Board. Which is wonderful, yes, but involves attending board meetings, fund-raising events, networking events, Bloom classes, writing articles for the blog, researching this and that and the other, and emails, emails, emails.

- Then there is planning my part of and attending preschool co-op ever week.

- Running 2 or 3 times a week.

- Knitting group 2 times a month.

- And book club 1 time a month, not to mention reading the darn book.

- And of course Josh and I are leading the youth group for our church, and maybe now a college group as well?

- This is only this month but I'm making and decorating 10 dozen cupcakes for our church Halloween party (the cupcake walk to be exact), decorating for said party, and serving at the potluck directly before the party. Something like this comes up almost every month.

- Then there is story time at the library every Wed, that I try to always get Zeke to.

- And the hour a day I'm supposed to spend in prayer and bible study.

- And the preschooling activities that I'm planning and setting up for Zeke at home.

- And the baby that is still exclusively breastfeeding.

- And housework, and yardwork, and gardening, and car maintenance, and laundry, and dishes...

-And 3 meals a day to be prepared,

-Bread to be baked, and to even make those possible,

- Groceries to be bought including the special trip for our milk, and another special trip for our eggs, and

-Always that run to Target that seems to be necessary every week.

- And my oh my Christmas is coming up fast and I cant decide which I have less of, money to buy presents or time to make them...

I'm beginning to get to the point that a denim embroidered cuff bracelet that says "Do Less" wont be enough. I'm thinking a tattoo on my forehead that says "No"


Kari Marchelli said...

You are one busy woman! How do you do it??

Courtney said...

The arrogant answer would be that I watch almost no TV. But while I AM amazed at how much time people spend on that activity, a more honest answer is that I am almost constantly stressed and almost constantly tired.