Boy Updates and 1,000 Moments #11-27

Malachi- Is turning 9 months next week. 9 MONTHS!! He is crawling and pulling himself up everywhere, aka into everything. He's getting to be a fast little bugger, too. Especially when I am trying to get him dressed in the morning. He thinks it's absolutely hilarious to wait until he is completely naked, flip his body over, and crawl away as fast as he can. He usually gets about 2 feet before he is laughing so hard he has to stop.

His other big game at the moment is taking things in and out of other things. He will do this for an hour. If the container is clear, 2 hours.

Oh yes, and throwing a conniption fit if I am so much as 10 feet away from him.

I am not even kidding, poor Josh slept half of last night on the couch with him because I haven't gotten a good night's rest in over a week now and if Malachi can see me, he must be on top of me and nursing every 45 minutes. It's completely normal for his age, but man is it tiring. I'm not sure even Zeke's separation anxiety was this strong...but then again with Zeke it started at 3 months and lasted past his second birthday. We will shoot for strong and fast with this one. That seems more Mal's style anyways.

Zeke- Is actually driving me a bit nuts this week. He's ignoring everything I say. We've gotten into a pattern of me saying something 2 or 3 times before starting counting. He jumps up as soon as I start counting every time but it's honestly got to change. I don't have the energy to keep it up, but I also don't have any solutions. He's also been very rough lately, with his brother. Not purposefully but always wanting to wrestle. I could separate them but it always seems like punishing Mal more then Zeke...he's the only one who cries. I need to find a solution for that, as well.

Parenting is one big question mark, at times. I've re-read this post, to get advice from myself. It was only semi-helpful, but at the same time sometimes its nice to remember your own goals.

But we will focus on the positive, yes? After all, at the end of the week (if not always the day) two years old has been a lot more fun then one years old, which in turn was a lot more fun then the baby months.

Zeke did great while we were gone for the wedding, for example. Wonderful for the car ride. Forced thru numerous long days, many without naps, and he still held up like a champ. He also wasn't shy AT ALL. It was amazing. He just went right into playing with the other kids.

And he continues to be my little helper. The other night I made dinner solo and I was amazed at how much I missed his help. He has truly turned the corner from making everything take longer, to making everything go so much faster. He fetches ingredients from the fridge, and puts things away in the pantry, and saute's while I chop.

And tastes. Always tastes.

Last night I made apple cake for breakfast this morning (its got apples, so that makes it healthy right?) and when I turned around to his little finger dipping into the batter he looked at me all innocent "I just making sure it's ok, Mama."

Now where did he learn THAT one?

And dont worry, I havent forgotten this project.

11. Farm-fresh apples, newly polished and sitting in a bowl.

12. The first turning leaves.

13. A husband covered in grime and saying "insulation's done"

14. Warm homemade applesauce.

15. The three words, "I love you" catching me unawares.

16. Safety on the highway.

17. Family, and all those people that might as well be.

18. Curly hair.

19. Church potlucks.

20. The poppiest of pop songs when dusk is hitting and there are still 3 hours left till you get home.

21. Home.

22. Lone, hot, showers.

23. My own bed.

24. An old friend, who love me in all my ways.

25. A new friend, who wants to love me in all my ways.

26. Cambell's Cream of Mushroom soup, a staple in many of my quickest dinners.

27. The first night it's cool enough for flannel sheets.


Kari Marchelli said...

I love living down in AZ but I sure do miss the fall. I love when the leaves turn and that distinct fall smell.

Jennspiration said...

I have to tell you I can totally relate to the exhaustion you speak of. Just get as much rest as you can-and don't feel guilty about it. (I say this like its an easy thing!)