A Heartfelt Prayer

I am a long-time reader of Evlogia. Though she was Orthodox, and I was not, I loved her for her heart and her faith weekly inspired me in mine.

Today, she announced that she is returning to the Catholic church, by her husband's leading. Her explanation is far more eloquent then mine could ever be, so I will leave it to her. But I do want to say that my eyes fill with tears at the reading of it. Tears of joy, and tears of awe in her bravery and honesty, and also tears of gratitude. Gratitude for her example and for the God that makes all things possible.

I have had similar "problems" with my husband, you see. Though I have been strongly drawn to the Catholic faith, myself, he was not able to come to peace with it. And therefor we have become official members of a Methodist church. It was (and sometimes still is) difficult for me, but I know at the same time that I will find (and do) joy and peace in the unity of spirit with my husband. But how much easier, for me, who has only been following God for 8 or so years, not to mention any specific church?

My prayers are with Katherine, as her family begins this journey, and if you are so moved I would appreciate it if yours were as well.

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