The dangers of talking children

First, let me just say that I didn't go to Relevant. I'm not even sure that bloggers that barely reach 1,500 hits a month are allowed to go to blogging conferences. Although my friend Kim reminds me that anyone can go, it's just that not anyone can get away with being sponsored. You need more like 1,500 hits a day, I'm sure, to get someone else to pay for it. Which I'm obviously not generating, and for obvious reasons.

BUT I am duly jealous. It seems like it was totally rad. Like church camp for adults- and church camp are some of my best memories of my entire life.

If I ever become a famous blogger (snort) I will go to Relevant, and hear all my favorite bloggers speak and be totally inspired and become a way better person (wanna pay for me to go now, internets?). Also, If I met Ann Voscamp, I would scream like a 12 year old that just met Justin Bieber. Except I'm almost 25, so that would be embarrassing.

Anyways...Zeke is a full-fledged talker now. He even talks to OTHER PEOPLE. Which is amazing. But I'm discovering also sometimes embarrassing and guilt-inducing.

Lowlights from this week: Zeke crying, "I'm scared of momma." after I told him (in my very meanest voice) to walk away from me.

Zeke in the car, "Malachi, take a chill pill! You're making me crazy!"

Zeke, when he dropped something, "Oh Sh*t."

Yep, you read me right... oh sh*t. And it is totally me and not Josh who taught him that word. Grade-A parenting going on over here. I've been working on my former-sewer mouth for a while but not hard enough evidently. Zeke and I have both switched to the explicative "Oh snap", in case you were wondering.

But there were also highlights from this week: Zeke telling me, "Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you."when he ran into my ankle with his dump truck. I was proud of him, and also of myself (which I needed after the sh*t incident). As I've said, it's very much more my habit to say "Oh don't whine, I didn't hurt you." and I've been trying to improve that. It's nice to know my efforts to be a better example are paying off.

Zeke, at church, "Nice to meet you."

And honestly, every single time he prays. He has learned that bedtime can be put off if he just keeps saying things he is thankful for (he doesnt like the part about helping him be a good boy who always listens to his mommy and daddy, its unclear how much of this is because of the content and how much is because it's usually the last part of the prayer) so his prayers can get very VERY long.

Im in the very fun position of wondering what he's going to say next.


Jennspiration said...

Oh yes, the joy of hearing your child's first curse word! Ashton is now saying "Dummy@$$" and I have no idea where he picked that one up. Probably daycare-great, what else is going to learn - this is a Christian daycare!

Nicole said...

That's soo cute..Boone's latest thing is "Whatever you say mom" with attitude like yeah right. OR he will run into me when I am walking and say "mom don't push me I was here first" as I get knocked over fully pregnant. He likes to say bad words when he knows he isn't suppose to like if he hears it he says mom don't say that. Then he will say see I didn't say "oh shit". And then I have to turn around from giggling cause I can't yell at him when he even said see I didn't say it. But I still correct him and tell him not to. I think this age is so fun!