We Went To A Wedding

This past weekend we went to a wedding.

It was set in "the woods" as Zeke repeatedly said.

And a family affair.

I think almost everything; cake, decorations, ect was done by some family member or friend.

Josh was a groomsmen,

and Zekey got the grand privilege of bearing the rings.
(some of these photos are from the rehearsal, at the actual wedding I was a bit preoccupied keeping my boys in line to take many photos)

And this guy,
who also happened to marry Josh and I, was able to come up from Utah to marry them. I doubt much in the world would have enticed him to miss it.

There were the usual speeches...

The necessary cute moments...
Quite a bit of dancing,

And more sweets then there were any rights to.

The bride was, obviously, radiant.
(and cheerful as well, but this picture with her brother is maybe my favorite)

The bridesmaids also radiant, but duly less so.

And the groom seemed a bit tightly wound; a bit nervous and a bit shocked. Which was quite commendable and as it should be.

It was, in a word, perfect.

Two more outtakes, because my kids are adorable:

I wish, now that I think about it, we would have gotten a family picture. Josh and Mal wore red and Zeke and I black and we made a handsome figure, I assure you. But, to be honest, the little boys were a both on edge from the busyness of the day and lack of napping, Josh was busy, and I was downing rescue remedy at every available moment.

We still have all the clothes, so maybe I will just call them our Christmas picture outfits.

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Jennspiration said...

It was so good seeing you guys! Even though it was pretty short and sweet! Hope to see you guys at Thanksgiving!