Other people get baby-fever (#28-36)

But I'm so beyond baby fever right now. Maybe if Mal would stop teething I would get baby-fever again? Who knows. All I know is that I do. not. want. a. baby.

But puppy-fever? Oh man oh man do I have puppy fever. Even ZEKE has puppy fever. His fear of dogs is gone and has turned into a passionate love of dogs.

Yet, I have a baby. A crawling baby. And it's rather hard right now to get out for daily walks, what with two small children. And I find mysterious poop on my carpet often enough already. And I don't have the time for training. And we are at a stage in life where there are toys and stuffed animals (aka possible chew toys) everywhere.

Basically there is a very practical part of me that knows the Bible teaches that there is a time for everything under the sun...and this is not the time for a puppy.

Then again there is that emotional part of me...

Which is why #36 is- Friends willing to tell me, "You DO NOT want a dog." Thanks Elisabeth. I needed that.

28. Two freshly bathed and pajama'd boys.

29. Wind chimes calling out my kitchen window.

30. A cat under the covers when I'm cold.

31. An invite to come over and play right when the blood pressure is rising.

32. Great big piles of leaves.

33. Radiation therapy.

34. Josh calling in sick to work to help.

35. Playdates you know you neednt bother to clean for (or brush your hair).

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Nicole said...

These are really good ones...friends are awesome. Especially #31 when you really need it!