The things that make it worth it

---Waking up to little arms wrapping around your neck and a tiny voice that's saying "mama".

---Rainy weather and warm potato soup.

---Shopping bags on the table that contain both brand new, impractical, shoes (these are actually pretty practical for me...closed toed and look at those teeny, wide, heels. anyone remember those bright red, gorgeously strappy, 4 inch beauties I bought 8 months prego with Z? wore 'em on my due date, take THAT mom flats.)
and one of my favorite I-cant-actually-afford-this yarns, (I'm going to make myself a gorgeous shawl, because my family is already all wintered up and I deserve it).

---The fact that it's Fend For Yourself Friday. As in "What's for dinner honey?", "I dont know, its Fend for Yourself Friday!!" Sometimes I think the fact that I'm not making dinner on Fridays is just as relaxing as the yoga class that prevents me from making dinner on Fridays. Oh the beauty of taking an evening for myself. Every time I write FFYF on my monthly menu plan I just smile and smile.

---A Great Cat War truce, however temporary. After following Mony around all morning long, Ziggy came downstairs at last and was greatly dissapointed to find that naptime was nearly over. Usually he cuddles with Zeke at nap, its one of his favorite times of day, but he wouldnt come down when I called him so he missed it. Since then he's back to following US around and Mony is nowhere to be found, I'm assuming she's hiding and geting her OWN nap in.
(the long awaited picture of our Mony Mony)

---A fire alarm no longer beeping. I dont know what stopped it. Taking out the batteries never worked, neither did going to the store and buying NEW batteries, nor did ripping out every single wire. My plan was to have Josh remove it from our wall (we have plaster walls so I wasnt strong enough to unscrew it myself at that angle) and throw it in the backyard but by the time he was home from work it wasnt beeping anymore. So we no longer have a fire alarm but at least its not beeping...and hey, there is always sock monkey in case of a fire.

Also, the way Zeke claps and says "yay!" every time Taylor Swift comes on the radio, lol.


Trish the dish said...

I think I need an official "Fend for yourself" day too! But then that would mean that I was officially in charge of feeding my husband all the other hmmm...maybe after our baby comes and grows a little. Then I'll have a "leftover night" or "fend for yourself" day.

A-trox said...

all very worth it! I almost almost bought those same shoes and thought "no, Adria, you need closed toed 'practical' tennis shoes" So I bought I pair of super cute leather Nike tennis shoes. and wore them out last night. the shoes cut my feet up and hurt far worse than ANY pair of heels I have ever worn. I will never buy tennis shoes again unless they are running shoes for the gym. Moral of the story - always listen to you gut and buy the awesome pair of super cute heels.

Tooj said...

Did you or do you watch Friends? There is an episode where Phoebe's alarm won't stop either. No batteries, unhooking, or wire stripping fixed it. She threw it down the laundry chute in her building and they bring it back to her. Poor things, you and her. :)

Anonymous said...
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