The $1,400 Stuffed Sheep

Yep, my husband, in his great love for me, went out and spent 1,400 dollars on this stuffed sheep recently:
It happened to also come with a new King sized bed. ;)
To be honest, the fact that between me, all my pillows, sometimes our son, and almost always 2 cats, the poor guy had almost no room on our old bed might have also had something to do with the purchase. Another baby was more than likely going to kick him onto the couch. So the purchase might have had SOME self-thought it in.

I mean, look at the stats. Our old bed was a Full. That means 53 inches wide (literally this gave us each about the width of a crib (26 inches) and that is WITHOUT babies and cats in bed with us). Our new bed moves us to a luxurious 76 inches wide (that is 23 extra inches people!!). It is also a full 80 inches long...which means for the first time since he was about 13 years old Josh's feet will fit onto the bed, lol.

But I do think, mostly, the purchase was made because of his great great love for me and I do not think I can possibly express to you how freaking excited I am. I may or may not have taken each of the members of this family that are under 30 pounds and calmly told them that the first one to urinate on this bed will die a painful and slow death. I may or may not have told the OTHER member of this household that I will have sex with him, on this bed, everyday for the rest of his life. I may or may not have even meant each of those statements. I WILL tell you that I am typing from the bed as we speak and that I am strongly considering not get up in the morning...or ever again.

I've been begging for a new bed for years. I never ever thought it would actually happen. For starters, there is fact A: No matter how Un-American I tell him that he is being, Josh refuses to buy things on credit. Yeah, that means we actually have to SAVE UP for every single purchase we make. It might actually be against the constitution...I'm not sure, I will look it up. Either way don't tell anyone because we might get kicked out of the country and have to move to France or Canada or something.

Don't get me wrong, a part of me, a very logical part of me, really appreciates this about Josh. Another part wants to run up a credit card with everything I have ever wanted, and to buy an internet plan for my phone and cable tv while I'm at it. But that first part of me really appreciates this about Josh and I try to focus on that voice most of the time. But it DOES make big fun purchases take forever, and oftentimes things keep coming up that are more important to do with said moneys so the big fun purchases just never happen. Unless they are new computers...these purchases seem to happen regularly...just kidding honey!

Secondly there is fact B: Even when I begged for a bed, and hinted about a bed, and looked up how many inches wide our bed is and divided that up per family member in a graph for Josh to see how we are BREAKING LAWS OF PHYSICS by all sleeping on it, my closing argument was always that we should get a Queen mattress and one of those metal frames like we have now. I sent him links from time to time of cheap Queens on sale for 300-500 dollars and came with such metal frames for free and never got answers back except "that's nice".

Sidenote: Yes, I realize that this behavior is somewhat pushy and naggy but I have no income of my own, and it took me 2 YEARS of such little "hints" to finally get a cell phone. Give me a small small amount of understanding for my behavior.

So anyways, not only was I not expecting a new bed I REALLY wasnt expecting a new NICE bed. A king sized Vera Wang pillow top that came with a 20 year warranty and a real bed frame, complete with a headboard (one of those things so important to me but not at all understandable to Josh).

SOOO happy.

The bed wasn't nearly as exciting to Zeke as it was to me, even though the child is STILL happy DAYS LATER about our other delivery this week:
Which came in the mail from one Grandma Tammy a while back and is now the BANE of my EXISTANCE. The pumpkin laughs and drops little candies when you pull a lever and Zeke finds this both fascinating and hilarious. So fascinating and hilarious that he goes over to the mantle where it is stowed and demands "mine mine mine" like one of those obnoxious seaguls on Finding Nemo about 3,000 times a day.

I CANT WAIT until that thing runs out of little candies. Josh keeps saying we should throw it away while he sleeps but I say that's taking all the fun out of obnoxious toys from grandma...and what is the point of being a grandma if you cant mail obnoxious toys to your grandchildren and know that you are safe in them being not thrown away?

Also: tummy pic! You know, since I wont be getting out of bed any time soon.


Kait T said...


Trippleaaa said...

How exciting! We just got ourselves a king in July and I LOVE it! I wish ours had come with a cute headboard!!!

Meg said...

I'm like your husband. I refuse to buy things on credit. If I want it bad enough i will save for it!

Congrats on the new bed!

Lianne said...

Hooray, new bed! Hooray, Josh! And hooray, you for looking amazing!

Tooj said...

I just drooled on your Vera Wang. Oh, how I'd die for a king-sized bed. We have a queen now, and we don't share with animals or small children (for any length of time, just cuddles in the a.m.). But how I'd love to shove Hubs to the far side and spread eagle myself. Oh. Jealousy reigns here. Right *here*.

Your tummy is adorable. :) Happy Friday.

Tooj said...

Oh, and pooping candy toys are great. You're right. No throwing away.

San said...

Love the bed! Your hubby's so thoughtful! ;)