Pumpkin Hunting

As you can see, we finally went pumpkin hunting this weekend. I had planned on going last weekend, but between the bitter frigid cold and the fact that I didn't feel like Zeke was quite himself yet from the flu, we decided to put it off.

Then this weekend was supposed to be rainy and I was regretting that decision. But THEN the weather turned out gorgeous after all. So things continue to go our way (except in one way, more on this later).

We had sooo much fun. First we got a ride behind the tractor to the orchard and picked some apples. Then we played in the pea-box (a sand box filled with dried peas), then we ate a caramel apple and a hamburger between the 3 of us, then we fed some goats and some ducks (Zeke LOVED this part) and pet a pony, then finally we took Zeke to the pumpkin field where he picked the most beautiful and perfect pumpkin all by himself (see above). Kid's got good taste.

The pumpkin Josh picked was markedly less perfect, I must admit. I was too busy having fun, and also having contractions (like ALL day long...seriously every 20 minutes for a good 9 or 10 hours straight, I was getting soo tired) to pick a pumpkin myself. I was also having too much fun to take any more pictures than those two. Even though I absolutely adore the amazing photos I took last year at Greenbluff, I just felt like enjoying the moment more than recording the moment this year. So I ate caramel apple and chased Zeke in the field and fed goats and had contractions and left my camera in my purse.

And we FINALLY got back the last of our taxes. Yes, it took THIS LONG. It turns out the government is a lot speedier with people that owe them money then they are with people they owe thousands of dollars to. That means we have the cash at last to winterize our house, and to pay off our car loan, and numerous other boring things. In fact, when I found out we were getting 8,000 dollars for buying this house, and then shortly after that the money would be spent on such doldrum things as "invisible home improvements" and "paying for things we have already owned for such a long time they no longer feel new" I promptly forced myself to forget all about it.

But Josh (that man I adore) has gone out and bought me one thing that I very very much care about. Something I am so excited for that I can hardly BREATHE. And I will let you know what it is when it's delivered this Wednesday.


Jen said...

ooohhh.... I'm just shaking with antisipation!

Tell Josh I'm sorry he didn't get his job. He deserves something great and that is exactly what he will get when the time comes.

Trippleaaa said...

I feel you on the being passed up for a promotion thing! Anthony has been told numerous times that he has a promotion coming and their foreman (the position Anthony has coming)keeps playing games saying he's leaving and then he sin't. He's done this for 2 years now! Anthony really thought it was going to happen this time and he too is upset about it. I hope Josh gets his promotion soon!

Melissa aka Equidae said...

that ain't fair keeping us in suspense!

Rachel said...

Ok, so I guess I should realize I'm probably never going to get into development (sigh, and it feels like a waste of all that money I have to put back into paying off loans).

Does it make you feel better that I'm wishing I had Josh's job but probably won't get that "promotion" either? (So at least his current job is something at least one other person is "aspiring" to). I interviewed for it, but I hear the new QA manager doesn't like EWU people for QA, or something. Of course, ultimately I'm glad to be out of fast food, and making quite a bit more money than I was there (but not as much as QA, and I still don't get stuff like medical insurance).