Avian Swine SARS continued

Although I am very much on the mend, having excellent nurses in both Josh (who ended up taking Tuesday off work) and Zeke (who does such useful things as bringing me cats to cuddle when he is otherwise occupied, or my "mama baba" which is my travel mug full of tea), Zeke, unfortunately, spent yesterday in bed with me with what looks like the same thing. Poor kid. I'm trying to be an equally good nurse. Ziggy will lay with him quite happily (especially now that our heat is out, but more on that later) but Mony has required hunting and guarding, which I am happy to do. Kitty's gotta earn her way around here! He also had 5 count them FIVE bottles of milk yesterday. They must be bottles, and it must be milk. My son is demanding when sick. He also must be fed graham crackers. But he cant hold them himself, you have to feed him each bite.

Again, tried to be a good nurse. It wasnt that long ago that I was only eating Eggo waffles.

So yeah, heat is out. Our furnace kicks on for about 2 seconds and then turns off again. Even though its only the mid 50s inside. So lets just say the bed was VERY full last night as both cats insisted on being under the blankets. "Luckily" Zeke was having a hard time breathing and Josh took him to the livingroom to sleep sitting up so I finally got some room. And its hopefully going to be fixed tomorrow. Good thing too because the lows Friday and Saturday? 18 degrees.

Someday things will stop going wrong.

One thing that went very right is that one of my bestie bestie friends, Kaitie, had her baby, Lucy Kathleen. She is gorgeous and even though I havent been able to see her yet, for fear of spreading this flu to a newborn, I am soo happy for Kaitie. Hopefully I get to go see her Friday...and then like every other day until my OWN baby is born (gotta get that baby fix!)

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you seem to be feeling better - wishing your furnace a speedy recovery as well!!!