Avian Swine SARS

I know this blog has become nothing but an outlet for my complaining for a good....oh 2+ weeks now. I don't know what's wrong either, I feel as if suddenly life is out to get me. Im quickly becoming jaded with the idea.

The newest development in the world v me battle is that I became very suddenly sick on Sunday. Deathly suddenly sick. Ok, maybe the suddenly part isn't quite true. Wednesday and Thursday I was sure I was finally catching the stomach flu that Zeke and Josh just had, but it wasn't too terrible, and I ignored it. Then Friday and Saturday I realized I was having a bit of a hard time breathing. Again, ignored it, I'm really really good at that. Then Sunday I woke up and KABAAM! I. AM. DYING.

No amount of medicinal teas, homeopathic tinctures, or even Josh's drasted supplements will help. It's a true sign of my desperation that I stooped down to taking those supplements. He probably gave me like 9 of them! (I have a thing against taking pills. It's an aversion so strong that I've done much research to justify never taking one, no matter how dire the situation. I've found thru the useful help of Google that vitamins dont actually do anything and that Tylenol is downright dangerous. No amount of medical advice, no matter how otherwise respected the person is, will make me change my mind. I found the proof I was searching for on Google, story over and long live the internets, where you can find justification for any and all paraniod theories.)

For maybe the first time in my life I am realizing how fully being the mommy can suck. For it doesnt matter how sick I am, litter boxes must be cleaned, bums must be wiped, and food served, and I am still the one that has to do it. There is no one else. I want to call in sick. I want to be the kid again and have someone serve me soup and make my tea.

As impressed as I am, I want Zeke to stop counting to 3 and jumping on my stomach.

I will even take just a slight reprieve from pregnancy so I can not pee my pants every single time I have a coughing fit.

There are also pluses to being sick mommy, of course. Before the newly discovered "jump on the baby so she can get used to it now" game Zeke was cuddling very nicely with me, patting my back, and even tried to give me his blanket and a bottle. And the cats went so far in their newly found truce that they were BOTH cuddled up against me in bed last night. Nothing like cuddles to make all these little things I take care of suddenly worth it.

The cats I am especially pleased with. While the original plan was to give them a full 4 weeks to adjust before we got rid of Mony, I was quickly running out of patience and losing hope that it was going to work. For 11 full days I spend a good 3-6 hours a DAY devoted to adjusting those cats to eachother. Breaking up fights, giving them each their alloted one-on-one time, ect. Do you realize how behind on the rest of my life that has made me? A second cat was never the plan and I was ready to throw in the towel on the idea.

But they decided to get used to each other. And right in time. Friday evening we discovered that (long story) Mony had gotten into THE WALLS OF OUR HOUSE. Yeah. Josh had to pull up siding in a closet, carpeting, and floorboards to rescue her. He was ready to throw in the towel too.


AndreaLeigh said...

I'm sorry you are feeling sick but this made me laugh: I will even take just a slight reprieve from pregnancy so I can not pee my pants every single time I have a coughing fit.

Because I totally feel your pain.

Jennifer said...

I had an upper resp. infection for five months with my second pregnancy. I had to take three different doses of zpack to get over it. I thought I would never breathe through my nose again. I'll say prayers that you get better too.

And if you don't like pills see if you can find a sinus cleanse now. That may help.

Jennspiration said...

I hope you feel better soon! I remember when Bella was a kitten, the first day we brought her home, she found the tiniest hole in our cabinets and ended up behind the dishwasher, we had to take the darn thing out to get her...

Tooj said...

They say animals can feel when you're sick. Apparently they decided you'd had enough and called their truce. That's sweet of them. As for the jumping toddler...well....be cafeful! :) And as opposed as you are to pills and anything medicinal, let your Hubby take care of you. Maybe he can wipe the bum or clean the litter for a day? Is that asking too much? Men are lovable, but sometimes....it's asking too much, huh? Get better soon, if you haven't already.