I live to serve

My mom has requested "more pictures of Zeke". Since I live to serve I followed him around the house a bit with the camera. So here ya go, mom.

Eating at the table like a big boy.
One day, earlier this week, Zeke suddenly starting pulling out a chair and sitting at the table when we told him it was dinner time, even though he had never been allowed to sit at the table before. So we bought him a booster seat. He gets a real kick out of sitting at the table with us (of course sitting next to daddy). And yes, we had pizza for dinner last night. On paper plates taken from our camping supplies because every plate in the entire house was dirty.

You KNOW you are jealous of my mad mad housekeeping skillz.

The face Zeke makes when told to "Give mommy smiles".

Zeke's newest thing is "helping". He "helps" all day long. Here he is, cleaning the pizza off the floor after dinner. Ok this is real help...not just "help". As far as I'm concerned he can wash the floor with that rag all day long.

HERE is a slightly more "helpful" trait however. Zeke will now open the dishwasher, put in a dish (a single dish mind you), and then start it running.
He was also waiting for me with a hand towel when I stepped out of the shower yesterday morning. He then proceeded to "help" me dry off. Afterwards he very carefully put the towel back where it belonged too, which I thought a nice touch...or at least one I have yet to train his father in. I was pretty happy with Z until I went into the kitchen and saw that he had also "helped" make breakfast while I was busy in the shower.

It consisted of Ritz crackers, cat food, and water I can only assume came from the toilet, mashed up with my potato masher inside my colander.

Now the kitchen tools I could forgive. He's allowed to get into that stuff to play, its never bothered me, and he does love to cook. I was even ready to overlook the crackers, as those are one of his "allowed" snacks to get himself. But the cat food and the toilet are long-fought battles, so Zeke got to sit in time out for as long as it took me to clean his mess.

I also found on my camera these pictures, which must be at least a few weeks old as I cant imagine letting Zeke outside without a shirt in the weather we've had lately:

And, to end, my OTHER babies:
I know it looks like he's eating her face off but I swear they are cuddling.

A final story. We took Zeke to Toys R Us this weekend because I wanted to start thinking about Christmas gift ideas. Josh was trying to get Zeke interested in this tool bench, and prove to me that he totally needed one. Unfortunately the kitchen isle was nearby and Zeke hightailed it over there before poor Josh could prove his point.

Don't worry too much though. While I was trying to get Zeke interested in a little rocking horse he spied the 4 wheelers and FREAKED OUT until we let him get into one and pretend to drive. That thing had a 700 dollar price tag. Dream on son. But I just may get you one of those snazzy Melissa and Doug food sets.


Kait T said...

I think we're getting the kids a kitchen for christmas. Don't copy my idea. j/k.

Jennifer said...

My 18 month old son loves the kitchen set we bought for our daughter a few years ago. I'm wanting to get him a tool bench for him as well. For his birthday he got one of those ride on four wheelers for little kids. It wasn't very expensive and it doesn't go very fast. He really likes it.

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

We have a ride-on, battery-operated, four wheeler (mightily used since it was passed down to us) but you are more than welcome to have it. Anna never rides it and it is a little too slow for her now.
Send me a message if you'd like it. :)

Future Mama said...

How stinkin cute!! He wants to sit at the table?! sooo adorable! I can't wait to have a little one!!

I'll have to pick your brain for mommy advice!

I really love the pic of him and the kitten!

And good thing he didn't want that 4-wheeler! haha! He has smart taste!

Oh, BTW I found ya through SITS! :)

Domrese Family Blog said...

We LOVE the Melissa and Doug food sets. We have the grill set, the ice cream set, and the pizza set. We also bought the fruit set and sandwich set as gifts for people. They are amazing and the kids love them!!!

Emma Louise said...

Loving that football photo! :) x