Any guesses what's next?

Places Mony Mony (our littlest cat) has gotten trapped and required us to rescue her from:

-Our fireplace's ash trap (and let it be known we have an the ash trap is blocked off by about 60 pounds of metal)

-Our old bed's boxspring (yes, she was INSIDE the matress)

-Underneath our floorboards (we got to tear up not only the carpet and floor in one closet but some of the wall)

-The inside of Josh's shoe (I'll admit this was jsut funny)

- My underwear drawer (I don't even know how she got in there, because the drawer was closed)

- The basement (about 1 million times...for some reason she's scared to walk up those stairs but not down)

And last but certainly not least, this morning she got trapped INSIDE OUR HEATING VENTS.

One of these days we're going to get tired of rescuing her, honestly if it wasn't for the horrible smell I imagined would result I would have let her die in those vents this morning.

And because it's been requested:

A picture of the stand Josh made for my moses basket. It's really just a little table that can hold the basket itself as well as some extra blankets and diapers for our bedroom so we dont have to disturb Zeke in the middle of the night (Blueberries things are mostly kept in a changing table in his room since our new bed kind of takes up a lot of room in ours):

A picture of the baby leg warmers I made. 3 are of out of crew socks I bought on sale a few weeks back. You cut off the foot piece and then turn it into the upper cuff. The other 2 are knee socks I already owned but the heels were worn out. I cut off the foot and turned the ankle into the upper cuff:

And just so I have SOMETHING to show for it...
Zeke and I spent a few hours Saturday morning raking all of our leaves (we have 3 trees and then a few others from neighbors so pretty much a kabillion leaves). It was beautiful weather and great fun. Zeke kept pointing at our pile and saying "wow". Of course by the time I got home from the baby shower I then attended, so many MORE leaves had dropped that you could barely tell we had raked at all.

So I guess as soon as it stops raining Zeke and I get to do it all again...he will be SOO pleased.


Anonymous said...

The leg warmers are sooo clever!!!

Jules said...

That darn cat!

Melissa aka Equidae said...

your moses basket looks like mine :)

Tooj said...

They are so easily pleased, it's a wonderful thing. We spent a good hour at my dad's raking leaves, and then throwing them and digging in them and falling in them. :) Repeat.

Fall raking doesn't look like such a chore when the sun shines like that behind you.