Whats for Dinner Wednesday- Sushi!

Today's What's for Dinner Wednesday is actually what WE ate for dinner....oh last Saturday I suppose, for valentines day. Home-made sushi! It's easier than it seems. And I don't even have a fancy sushi-making kit.

Note: This is not in any way, shape, or form traditional sushi. This is very much American sushi. Be warned.

First you want to make some rice. You need to use short-grained rice to make sushi. Long grained isn't sticky enough. People have told me that if you rinse short grained rice really well before cooking it and then add a little rice vinegar and lay it under a fan then it will get sticky. But why add the steps when just buying the right kind of rice is easier? Short grained rice is delicious anyways.

Then you have to lay out your Nori. You can find it in the oriental section of almost any grocery store. Lay it smooth side down.

Add on about a cup of rice, leaving space at the bottom and top. Then add strips of your favorite roll ingredients. I used raw tuna, cream cheese, avacado and green onion.

Spreading out your fingers to keep pressure even and going slowly to keep it tight, roll your sushi roll up, bottom to top. A little rice vinegar or water will help the nori seal where the end meets.

Slice with a sharp knife.
Serve with soy sauce and wasabi :)

In food-related news, I've decided that in order to save money I am going to re-organize the way I buy food.

I am completely unable to be a cupon clipper. I have tried, it doesnt work for me. And I alwasy feel guilty about it. Because we spend far too much on groceries around here.

But from now on instead of planning my meals weekly and going every week to the grocery store I am going to plan an entire months worth of meals at once and do 1 really really big grocery shopping trip every 4 weeks at the local (new) Winco. That place is big savings, they have great quality meat, and a suprisingly good organic selection. I love Winco, even if it IS a good 30 minute drive from my house and kind of a pain to bag your own groceries with an 8 month old climbing out of the cart (he can slip right out of the seatbelt). Once a month, I can handle Winco shopping. Especially since Josh has agreed to either 1. come with me or 2. keep Zeke at home, his choice.

Then I will just have to buy my produce weekly (since it would go bad by the end of the month) and I buy most of that at farmer's markets anyways in the spring/summer.

Anyone else do their shopping this way? Have any advice?


Linda Holbrook said...

I don't like sushi, but that actually looks REALLY good, with good ingredients! Way to go! I shop like that (every 2 weeks really), but I am also a crazy coupon clipper. I get produce every week at Fresh Abundance...good food, good prices, and all organic and/or local. I highly recommend it.

Domrese Family Blog said...

I do my grocery shopping once every 2 weeks and do 2 week menus. This has saved us a TON of money! I just buy produce once every 2 weeks when I do my big shopping spree and we eat the stuff that goes bad the quickest first. I also use a lot of frozen berries and such so that at the end of 2 weeks, I still have something for the boys. It's also nice because Dan knows what to expect for dinner and what NOT to eat out of the fridge! :)

Kait T said...

Good form on your sushi! :) It looks very yummy despite that it's incredibly Americanized. Hahaha!

Ivymae said...

We are working on shopping this way, except by ordering through Azure Farms (they deliver your groceries in a semi!) and then also getting our produce box from Fresh Abundance. Azure is based in a tiny town in OR that my best friend just happens to live in, so if I'm not supporting my local, I can support hers, haha.

I still end up running to safeway for silly things I've forgotten, but I do not go until it's critical, or there are ten things on the list. Generally, by the time there are 10 things on the list, Azure has done another dropoff.

San said...

Hiya! Your sushi looks delish! Haha... I am terrible at such stuff ><

...The Obnoxious SAHM said...

That is so cool! I am not a big sushi eater but I say awesome on making your own!

GrandmaJane said...

Hi Courtney, what an inventive cook you are! I'm impressed. I have never shopped for an entire month but I know from many others that you can and will save money on groceries. Go for it. Grandma Jane

Lynda said...

That looks so easy! Thanks for the demonstration :-)

Bethany said...

Sushi is my favorite food of all time and that looks sooooo good!!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your little man is too cute!!

Kelly said...

This inspires me to practice my sushi skills. We took a sushi class the day before I found out I was pregnant, and I haven't practiced since. (I did, however, eat a ton of raw fish - which is a great way to start 9 months w/o it!)