A great weekend

We had a really great weekend around here.

To start off Kaitie and I opened up SpokaneMothers.com around midnight on Friday (or as close to midnight as we wanted to stay up!) and wow did we get a response! We are swamped with membership applications already, after 2 days! And we haven't even really promoted yet. We are both really excited about this new group and feel so blessed to see it blossoming so soon. I'm hitting both malls today promoting, so hopefully that will bring us even MORE new members!

And then with all of THAT work behind us, Josh and I were able to have a very relaxing valentines day. I got flowers:
And we started eating Josh's birthday cake a day early:
I suppose that's what I get for making the cake a day before the party, lol. After I frosted it we where both just standing there in the kitchen...giving eachother and the cake the eye. Lets just say we have NO self control in this family when it comes to sweets. Next year I will be making his cake an hour before guests arrive and NO SOONER.

We also ate some delicious home-made sushi. We LOVE sushi and can easily spend a good $50 dollars on the stuff so making it at home seemed like a pretty good idea. It was easy and if you stop by Wed I'll even show you how.

Then Sunday was our weekly sunday dinner/birthday party. We ate WAY too much potluck chinese food and then came up with an AMAZING idea for a bed and breakfast that Jen, Adria, and I are going to run, you know, just as soon as we get the million or so in start-up that we need. We also reminisced quite a bit about the summer of "Josh and the girls". I've been reminiscing quite a bit lately, in fact. Maybe I'm getting soft?

And today the greatest news of all. I went bathing suit shopping while Josh watched Zeke (wait for it...wait for it...) and FOUND ONE I LIKED! Yes folks, a bathing suit I liked, not just a bathing suit I settled on after many desperate hours spent in dressing rooms (crying) and many days of going home emtpy handed (and crying) because I couldnt bear the thought of trying on any more suits. I found this miracle suit on my first store, it was only the 3rd I'd tried on! And I didnt even cry once. And that is a first for me on both counts. And on top of everything, it was only 50 dollars. Which is more then I will spend on anything else but WAY less then I would spend on a bathing suit that didnt make me cry.

Either bathing suits have gotten more flattering or my expectations for myself have gotten less flattering. Either way I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

Well, it was a great weekend for you! Yippee! All that eating and you still look good in a bathing suit. I'm jealous!

Kait T said...

Think of all the money you saved on therapy??

CenzLuccsMom said...

What a great blog site you have created! I love the cake post, too funny! i am so bad about sweets too. I bake and freeze the cakes and them frost them right before guests come, LOL!And I have to give away the leftovers so i don't eat hem all myself!

Anonymous said...

Boy we laughed a lot! Let's remember those days more often and keep making new ones so we have more to remember. Oh and we are all getting soft, it's okay ;)

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by! And I must say, you are brave to make homeade Sushi. I'm pretty impressed.

Shay said...

Hello! I'm Shay new to Blogger and SITS. Just showing some love!
I know how you feel about the bathing suits. Before I got pregnant I had ONE time in my life where I found the perfect bathing suit...it was 2 years ago at Target of all places! I still cried...but it was tears of joy!

Veronica said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! That cake looks so good. You found the perfect bathing suit, I'm jealous! Found you through MBC. I have a friend who lives in Spokane, I passed on your link to her!

Ivymae said...

J Crew and LL Bean have the best bathing suits (IMO), but I can only justify a new one every few years unless I find one on sale.