Conversations with Zeke

Ezekiel only knows 3 words. There is "dada" which always means Josh. There is "mama" which roughly translates to "I want" (and usually it really IS mama that he wants but sometimes its not and its still the word he uses, lol). And then there is the newest and most exciting word which is "duck". "Duck" might actually mean "duck" too, but more likely it means "bath". This is our fault because all this time when we ask Zeke if he wants to take his nightly bath we ask him if he wants to "see his duck" or if its time to "play with his duck". Oops.

I've also been working on sign language with him. I figured he was ready when he started using body language. He reaches up when he wants to be picked up and he shakes his head "no" when he is finished eating, or really if you ask any question at all. But mostly its been to no avail. The words I do the most are "nurse" and "more". But I think Zeke figures he has his own way of communicating these needs. If he wants to nurse he just pulls at my shirt and headbuts me in the chest. If he wants more food he just keeps opening his mouth and waiting. Point taken.

Anyways, this wekeend we took another step forward in communicating with our baby. Or so we thought. You see, Zeke learned yet another word. "Bob". He says it ALL THE TIME. A conversation with Zeke the last 3 days generally goes like this:

Me- "Do you want more carrots?"

Zeke- "Bob."

Me- "Oh you are all finished?"

Zeke- "Bob."

Me- "Can you say something else Zeeker-bee? Can you say 'mama'"

Zeke- "Bob."

Me- "You can say 'mama'. Say 'mama' Zeke."

"Zeke- "Bob."

And he does it just like that too. No "bobobobob". Just once and really clear. "Bob." It was freaking us out. Who in the heck is Bob anyways? Where did he hear this word. Is he talking about Bob the Builder? He's never even seen that show! Or ANY show!

Then I remembered. You see, everyday Zeke and I read a few books. And one of his favorite books that gets the best response from him is 15 Animals by Sandra Boynton. He always will sit for that one, which isnt true of some other books. And sometimes he even laughs. But the name of 14 of the 15 animals? Bob. And while I do enjoy that book and its excellent ending twist, and while I am really happy that Zeke is actually paying attention while I read to him, this "Bob" things is really annoying. So I have hidden the book.

We can read "Bedtime Peekabo" for a while. He thinks its pretty funny as well.


Anonymous said...

sounds cute to me!

Sarah@VintageChic said...

What a sweet & funny boy! I started teaching sign language to my son early on and then kind of forgot about it/gave up. Several months later, out of the blue, he started signing. It's amazing how great their minds are!

Andrea said...

How cute! I taught some sign language to my little boy, and it took several weeks before he started signing back to me. But once he started, his communication just got better and better.

Jennspiration said...

I've never laughed out loud at my desk until I just read your little "BOB" coversation.

lace said...

Just imagine the book as a song. Have you heard the Philadelphia Chickens book with the music CD. That book is in there as a song. It's actually kind a cute but gets on the nerves as well.

We taught sign language to my nieces as well. Works great for early communication.

Michelle said...

Am I commenting too much????

I love smart.

Our little guy is almost 14 months ( in 2 days) but has ALWAYS been behind schedule...he was born a little too early.

So anyway, his first and FAVORITE word is THIS. Everything is this and this and this.

BUT he just started saying other words and signing like crazy.

It really cracks us up when he signs DOG...because he'll pat our legs.