Picture Time!

Ezekiel is going to make some calls. Actually, its a little sad but I think he was trying to text.

At first this was really really cute, Josh was building him a tower!
But then I noticed that Daddy didnt want Zeke to knock it over, lol.

Just thought I'd add those pictures, although for once in my life I don't have a lot to say.

I WAS thinking earlier today about making a new CD. You see when I was pregnant I made Zeke a mixed CD of lullabies. It's full of Iron and Wine ect. Because, you know, there's no way I'm going to listen to some awful lullaby CD all day. Well now I'm thinking there is no way I'm listening to a bunch of awful toddler music either.... Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I admit I really love Aly&AJ's cover of "Do you believe in magic" and "Walkin' on sunshine" or maybe some Sufjan Stevens more ubeat songs from Illinois album. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Kait T said...

I don't think kids need to listen to kid music. I mean - no swearing or bad messages lol - NOT I kissed a girl and liked it!
But it is good for kids to listen to a range of music.
Sam's favorite song is from the 1920s! :)

San said...

Hiya from SITS! :) Your son's so adorable!!!

Ivymae said...

A great resource is a podcast called "Spare the rock, Spoil the child". Through them I've discovered Elizabeth Mitchell, Frances England, the whole Putumayo Kids series (music from different countries, for kids), Gustafer, and the "Baby loves..." series.

http://zooglobble.com/ is another good resource.
(Zeke may like this one: http://www.zooglobble.com/archives/2009/02/its_like_theyre_trying_to_teach_kid.html)

Can you tell music is a big part of our day around here? We also go to Music Together classes (upbeatmusictogether.com) every week, which the girls love (but the CD gets old pretty quickly).

Mom Taxi Julie said...

He'll be doing the real text before you know it lol.

Kim said...

Brad does the exact same thing with Preston. He builds these super tall towers and then gets all protective of them. Only makes Preston want to knock them down even more!

Angela said...

Your son is so cute and so is your blog! I too have my first baby boy Xavier and can't wait (actually yes I can...) until he's Zeke's age.

Glad to follow and meet you and your family! ~Angela

Michelle said...

Psalms set to music...memorize scripture and listen to music at the same time..win-win.

I actually was posting for 2 reasons...I entered your contest that I learned about from


2. Love the name Ezekial but CAN NOT convince my husband to let me name one of our children Zeke...I would call him that for short. Instead we got Asa. But I refuse to give up!