An upcoming contest

I am very very excited to announce I have 2 (and hopefully soon more) giveaways all lined up for you, my lovely blog-readers! One for the month of March and another in April! I will reveal the prize and open the giveaway on Feb 28th and draw the lucky winner on March 10th, so be sure to check back!

In other news...In my spokane playgroup we have a "get to know you" thread with the question "Do you feel as if you've let yourself go since having kids?" or something along those lines. I filled that thing out at least a week ago, probably more. And I didn't really think about the question. But now its on my mind. What does letting yoursel go really mean? How do you tell if you have? Have I?

Luckily I was able to answer "no" with the somehow comforting thought that I probably never "had myself" in the first place. In order to let yourself go you had to have yourself in hand at some point right? I dont really believe I ever have. My fashion sense has always veered rather erratically from the really eclectic to the really basic. I stopped wearing more than tinted chapstick and mascara everyday when I hit 15 and the initial make-up excitement wore off. I NEVER wear any type of perfume or scent, my hubby hates the stuff. And at the spa party I threw at my house this summer I had to admit that my nightly cleansing routine consisted of dove bar soap and water...when it consists of anything at all.

And I suppose these things have gotten slightly worse post-baby. I have even LESS time to wash my face every night then I did before. I wear jeans even MORE often...ok 5 out of 7 days a week... I can be found very often with food/spit up/just plain spit on my shirt, a lot of the time I even know its there and just havent bothered to change it. Nursing bras offer absolutely no support, perky I am not. I cut my long flowing hair into a standard "mommy" length.

That being said I wouldnt say I've gotten "sloppy". I am right with Tim Gunn when he says there is something to being "a little cinched, and a little starched". I accessorize like mad, hats scarves, necklaces. I brush and style my hair everyday, even if it IS an easier job than it was with 3 feet of hair. I also still own heels...and wear them too. I have only one pair of sneakers that I avoid like the plague and even when excersizing my only concession to practicallity is to at least wear flats, usually ballets. I have also never tried to "dress up" sweats. And while I have maybe, just maybe, spent an entire day in pajamas...I didnt leave the house in them.

I think at the end of the day I've just gotten more realistic. There is a uniform to this job, motherhood, and its ok to admit that. And to allow it. But I'm still trying to have fun.


Ivymae said...

When I answered the question, I had to be honest that I've never been a primper or stylish, so the bar was pretty low, haha. I think I'll take this topic on in the blog later, since I have a feeling it would be a very long comment.

Holly said...

So, I signed up for your group but, didn't get an email reply. Am I not able to join?