Button Tutorial

So here is the promised button tutorial. Its so easy. Really. So ridiculously easy.

First you have to design your button. You can use photoshop, or scrapblog.com, or even paint. Make it whatever size you like because you will re-size it later. And save it as a JPEG. That means it will be yourbutton.jpg.

NOW the easiest thing to do is to save your button on photobucket. Its free. Resize it here, they have pre-set sizes you can use. Now on the right side you will see a box titled image link code. Copy and past the HTML code.

Now the last step, instert that code and your blog's URL into the following:

<center> <a href="http://www.yourblogURL.com">

<img src="yourphotobucketcode" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Yes, yes, it is THAT easy. Put that code in your sidebar and there is your button!

Any other tutorial requests? E-mail me at TheCocoCafeMail@gmail.com!

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