Maybe he thinks its a wardrobe?

If you don't get the title, well then you probably had a very sad childhood.

Anyways, I have posted many such pictures as of late. My son loves opening cupboards, and pantries, and drawers, and well pretty much anything that just *might* have something of interest inside. I can no longer EVER find my measuring spoons or cups for example. Zeke just LOVES measuring spoons and cups. And he also loves to put them away. Just not where they belong. They could literally be anywhere right now. Its a little adventurous. Good thing I almost never measure anything.

And many people have said "Haven't you ever seen those little locks you can buy?" or "Haven't you ever heard of child-proofing?" And I would like to answer that yes, yes I HAVE heard of childproofing. And we DO have locked areas. There is a small drawer that holds knives and other sharp kitchen tools. It's locked. And although I do all of my house cleaning organically and home-made I do have some bleach locked away as well. Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, earth be...darned.

But this is my thing with childproofing: I have seen so many homes that I think really over-do it these days. Attaching a child-proof like to every single door of any kind. Of course dangerous materials should be locked away where there is no way a small child can get to them. And the same goes for areas that are unsanitary to be played in (like toilets) or create a just HUGE mess (like art supply closets). But I also think a growing child needs areas that are open to be explored. And also areas that are NOT allowed to be explored but also COULD be.

I'm afraid that by not having the first type of area, an area that is open to be explored, then I would raise a child with no imagination, no sense of discovery, and also take away a great learning tool. Zeke playing in the kitchen and pulling out all of my pots and pans is annoying at times. Especially to Josh when he walks in only to kick a drying rack and stub his toe, or to me when I cant find my whisk and have to search for a half hour, only to find it in the fridge. But at the same time I know that Zeke is learning thru this play. He is learning how open drawers. He is learning where things belong (he already knows how to find his bowls), and that everything has its place. He loves to take out a frying pan and a wooden spoon and "pretend" to cook and he loves the freedom to be able to do it by himself.

And then I'm afraid by not having the second type of area, an area that he may not get into but physically can, that I will raise a child that cant ever be taken anywhere. Because we all have freinds who's homes arent child-proofed. And I can name 1,000 places I take Zeke where there are areas he may not go into. If my entire house is split into two catagories, the first being areas he may get into and can get into and the second things he may not get into and physically cant, well then how do I teach him no? By keeping a few areas that are not locked by he is not allowed to get into I get daily practice at home teaching him boundaries and obedience. That way when we are out in public and I say "dont go into that room" or "dont touch that radio on the floor" well he's used to it in a way.


Anonymous said...

I think your philosophy and outlook on it is really healthy and refreshing! It's a wonderful thing to let our children explore.

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

I agree, Courtney! Anna has learned to respect areas and things she shouldn't play with. And when we go to other people's houses, I feel she does a pretty good job of not getting into mischief!

Domrese Family Blog said...

I definitely agree as well. I loved when the boys were Zeke's age. They were so curious and loved exploring. The house was childproofed enough that I knew there was nothing that could hurt them, but only one cupboard was latched shut. They could be in a different room than me and I knew they were safe. Dan will relate with Josh on the stubbing the toe in the's one of Dan's biggest pet peeves. :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Hey there! Just followed you over after looking to see if I got slammed on the "mean mom's" post. Glad I'm not the only one that thought she was a bit over the top lol. Looking forward to reading your blog :O)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog!

My Wild Indians are notorious for climbing into the smallest spaces they can wiggle into! Isn't it fun?

Come back any time!

Michelle said...

Are you tired of me yet? I love your blog.

Yes, I agree totally and we do the same here.