Its a....tooth

Ezekiel had an awful night last night. I mean, really awful. Tossing and turning and crying and would. not. sleep. We moved him into our bed around 1 and he STILL wouldn't sleep! He was tired. He WANTED to sleep. I wanted him to sleep. Josh wanted him to sleep. We tried everything. And he never did sleep more than an hour at a time, Tylenol induced or not.

Then Zeke grabbed Josh's finger to chew on. And Josh felt....a tooth!

Its too small to take a picture of right now. Not to mention Zeke absolutely refuses to let us look at it without prying his little mouth open and holding his tongue to the side. But you can definitely feel the sharp little bugger poked thru last night. Finally. He is almost 8 months and I was starting to wonder if maybe he was toothless, lol.

Anyways, Whats for Dinner Wednesday will be added to this later today. And it will be worth the wait (as if anyone is at the edge of their chair). It's General Tso's Chicken. Because I got a new (to me) rice maker. And even though I've always said I don't see the point in rice makers when you can just make your rice on the stove, now I am obsessed. I've eaten rice literally twice a day for a week now. And Josh refuses to eat "just" rice for dinner. So I have to make things to put on top of it for dinner. Hence, general tso's chicken.

Actually now he has outlawed even me eating "just" rice. After I told him it was what I ate for both breakfast and lunch yesterday. I have to "indulge in the other food groups". But its ok, dont worry, he says fried rice counts as ok...its got peas.

As promised....General's Chicken! I apologize for the absence of lots pictures. My camera died half through, lol. I had to plug it in and by the time it had batteries I was finished. I am making a resolution, however, to not only be better about taking pictures but to take better pictures. From now on. So wish me luck.
Oh and also check out the recipe on the sidebar. That will stay up all week :)

So the first step is to cut up some chicken into chunks. I prefer to use chicken thigh, personally, for this recipe. I think that's what most restaurants use, at least its always dark meat. But I'm sure breast would work too. Then you want to coat your chicken pieces in the following mixture (and I will even measure!): 1 cup cornstarch, 1/4 cup soy sauce, and 1 egg. Its going to be a really really really weird consistency. Trust me. You will want to add water. Dont. Just trust me. Its good.
Start some delicious rice in your wonderful rice maker at this point. Or make it stove-top. I like using short grained rice for this. Its sticky and wonderful. But I love jasmine rice as well. And minute rice is easy.

At this point your camera will run out of batteries. But dont stress about it. Just drop your chicken pieces a couple at a time in some hot oil to fry up. Take them out when they are crispy and set them to the side until they are all cooked.

NOW mix up 1/4 cup water, 1/2 cup each of sugar, soy sauce, white or rice vinegar and cornstarch, a can of chicken broth, some green onion, garlic, and peppers if you want your chicken spicy (I use dried red pepper because its what I have in the house, thi chilies or bird pepper is more traditional). Heat in a skillet or wok until thick and bubbly. Stir in your chicken and serve it over your rice!


Domrese Family Blog said...

I'm excited for this recipe! Dan will be even more excited! My only issue is that Dan will have to cook it. I'm a cookbook kind of girl requiring measurements and all, my taste buds are way too sensitive to do otherwise...all my food is bland (rice for every meal is perfect for me!).

Sarah said...

YAY for a first tooth!

Yummy looking meal!

Stopping by from SITS Happy Thursday!

Holly said...

I love having a rice cooker. We buy the HUGE bag of white sticky rice from Costco. It's a really good price.

Also, yeah for Zeke's first tooth. The later they come in the better though.