Welcome Summer

Ah Summer, one of my favorite seasons. (Fall and Summer, in that order, in case you were wondering. I love the heat and all the activity, and then I love the relief from the heat and all the activity.)

But Summer truly DOES have it's particular joys. It's the season of Ice Cream, after all.

And laying in the grass, looking up at the trees.

The season of digging freely in the dirt.

The season of scraped knees,

And warm earth under your toes.

The season of BBQed burgers and corn. And zucchini, and chicken, and peppers, and kabobs, and, and, and...

The season of baths. Every. single. night.
I am very much looking forward to summer. The fair, and the u-pick farms, live music at the park, strawberries, peaches, backyard picnics, weekend hikes. Kiddie pools, and ice-cream trucks. Farmers Markets. Splashing in the fountain downtown. Salads every other night in August because its too hot for the oven. Letting the kids stay up late for 100 different barbeques.

And then when we're exhausted from it all, we get to welcome Fall. Sweaters, and filling warm meals, and falling leaves, and pie. :)

I love seasons.

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Jules said...

So true.......love summer!