Happy Birthday Zeke

When told this morning that it was his special day and he got to do whatever he wanted, Zeke got a big smile on his face. I was afraid he wouldn't get it, but boy oh boy he did.

First he wanted to make waffles. He loves working the waffle maker, and usually its just a weekend kind of thing. Then after breakfast he ran straight into our room and promptly spent the rest of the morning lounging on our bed, again not usually allowed. Even better, because our house is half moved around at the moment our TV is actually in our bedroom. I think the idea of laying in bed all day (his favorite thing to do) AND watching blues clues (his second favorite thing to do) at the same time was almost too good to be true.

So we spent the first 5 hours of the day in pajamas in bed. We watched cartoons, we built a few block towers, we read some books, we jumped, and we had a lunch of icecream...all on daddy's pillow.

After a very very short nap (which is why we dont lay about all morning) we went to the children's museum, where Zeke spent almost the entire 2 hours we were there playing with the trains. He is TOTALLY in a train obsession at the moment. Then we went to the toy store to spend his birthday money, he bought a medium sized bouncy ball as his choice and I chose a magnetic alphabet set for him ;) Then perhaps best of all, we talked daddy into leaving work an hour early.

Then we had a dinner of Zeke-loved foods, yogurt, mashed potatoes, peaches, and fish.

All in all, I'm thinking it turned out to be a pretty decent birthday.

I love you my baby boy.

*sorry, pics wont load*

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Melissa aka Equidae said...

2 years gone in a blink don't you think? but its great seeing them grow! glad his birthday was a success. happy birthday to Zeke!