Conversations with Zeke

"Super Zeke!! Swim like a bird!" Running around with a cape.

"You fly like a bird, Zekey. Birds don't swim. Birds fly. Fish swim."

stops "Oh." laughs "Fly like a bird!!!"

"You fly like a bird?! Really?"

"Fly like TWO birds!!!" continues to run around.

Also I am SOOOO proud of him right now.

FIRST: He had gone 2 days now without ANY accidents as long as he is naked. Lol. If he's wearing a diaper he uses it and when we are out of the house and when he's asleep he's in a diaper, but we've been leaving him naked around the house and he doesn't have any accidents at all that way! Such a big boy. We're going to continue like this all summer and reassess in the Fall weather we want to move him to underwear.

SECOND and EVEN BETTER: We pray before dinner but not usually before other meals. Zeke now insists we pray before each meal AND snacks and this morning prayed by himself. "God, thankyou for.....DADA! Amen." I'm so proud of him.

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Jennspiration said...

Such a sweet boy! He can teach Ashton all about Potty training when you guys get here!