Beauty in the Home

Our house is a mid 1940's cape cod. I believe, to be even more accurate, its a colonial revival cape cod (leave it to me to know such a thing). In many ways it shows its age.
But we love this house.
It lends itself well to quite a bit of whimsy.
And it has enough architectural detail to support the bright colors that I love.
It has been nothing but a joy the past year, working with this space, and turning this house into a home.
I've heard often the quote, "Have nothing in your house that you dont know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" (in fact I've heard it so often that I have no idea the origional source...sorry). I've taken it to heart, and worked hard to make sure every room has it's share of beauty,
and usefulness.
It has been a labor of love, including many cans of paint, many trips to thrift stores, and the knowledge that very often it's the smallest details that make a room truly finished.
But I think I can firmly say that this is our home.
There is no corner, no wall hanging, no piece of furniture, that is not beautiful, useful, and fully representative of who we are.

When we bought the house, it had an *almost finished* upper story of 2 bedrooms and a half bath. We used the space to store our books, and also our TV and video game equipment, but it wasn't quite livable since the temperature ranged from 20 to 100 degrees (no insulation).

Well we are in the midst (the staying up until midnight every night midst) of finishing that space, turning one room into the boys' bedroom, and the other into ours.

The boys' room I am nothing but excited over. I never did much with Zekey's room because A. its the tiniest room imaginable and I couldn't, and B. I knew this move would soon happen. It's coming along beautifully and I'm so excited to share the finished project.

Our room, I'll admit I have mixed feelings about. I love love love our current room. I purposefully didnt share photos because I dont want to dwell on how very much I love it. I spent a lot of time, more time maybe then any other room, creating that space. I love the way I have it, I love the color on the walls (a light calming green). But sleeping on a different floor from the boys just isn't realistic to me getting any sleep, so move we will. I am hopeful, though, that I can make the new space just as relaxing.

And one wonderful thing happened because of the decision. For a long time Josh has been wanting to create a turtle-utopia involving 2 tanks and a bridge between them. I never exactly forbade such a thing but I think the expression on my face was "not in MY sitting room".
Well, between our old bedroom (main floor room) becoming our new TV/library room, and our leaking tank requiring the purchase of a new one, that may very well finally the TV room. I don't mind an 135 gallon water tank and a 75 gallon land tank, 10 feet in all of turtle-dom if it's tucked away in there.

Especially as it leaves this wall empty.
(ok it was strange looking empty so I put a dresser there for the time being)

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up and year 5 is wood. I think I'll spend the coming weeks emailing Josh links to old pianos on craigslist. :)

Wish me luck on finishing the upstairs. Our goal is this weekend but I keep getting distracted by other related projects...reorganize my art supplies? Might as well, since it's going in a new closet. I've got the paint and stencils out...I should write something over the front door as well... What? Are those embroidery hoops at the thrift for 25 cents each?! Those would look amazing on the kitchen wall...

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Anonymous said...

It's so funny, I have that same welcome bird house sign.
Grandma Melanie