Ezekiel the two year old

(zeke ready to go to the park)

I might end up liking Ezekiel the two year old a bit less then Ezekiel the one year old. Just kidding. Well mostly just kidding. He IS most determinately two. He tells us "No!" and he hits the kitchen table or the walls when he is angry. Yesterday he asked for ice cream and when I told him that I was making dinner and if he ate well I would give him some after he said "No, now!" and then proceeded to count to three. (The way that I count to three when I tell him something and he ignores me).

(zeke in mommy' s shoes...a common sight. with a bottle of water that he's only supposed to have at bedtime...honestly another common sight. and no pants...the most common sight of all.)

But in many other ways Ezekiel the two year old is quite a lot of fun. He is talking so soo much more. And the way he expresses things is always getting Josh and I laughing. Hats or sunglasses make him (or Malachi) a "cool dude". Zuchinni's are called "not a pickle's". He constantly constantly asks for another birthday. EVERYTHING is birthday. Balloons and cake especially, but really anything, when he thinks its nice is "birthday blank". It must have made an impression.

(Zeke in his dirt pile. After much much thought it WAS going to be a squash patch but he loved the dirt so much that I decided it may just stay dirt for a while. Boys need some dirt to call their own.)

Zeke the two year old is also quite responsible and independent. He can get himself a glass of water, and a snack. Even if its a snack I have to pour, like applesauce, he brings me a bowl and the applesauce and I pour it and then he puts it the bowl on the table and the applesauce back in the fridge and he gets himself a spoon. He is even washing his hands by himself now, which I think is awesome. Josh pointed out last night that he didn't think he would get the yogurt off of his shoulder and when Zeke came back you could see he had washed his entire chest and arms, lol. He's also been putting his shoes and socks on (sometimes) and helping pack the diaper bag. And he tends to "his" strawberry patch. I cant be sure how many he's picked and eaten, because he stalks that thing like crazy for red ones, but he has brought and shown me 3.

(the latest of zeke's almost constant injuries.)

He is just about the best big brother you can imagine. He plays with his "Mawakai" almost all day long. They love to wrestle together and Ezekiel is so gentle I never really worry about Mal getting injured. He always shares his toys too, and even his special blanket that he wont let anyone touch. We will see what happens, though, when Mal starts crawling and gets to those toys on his own. Zeke has been encouraging him and trying to show him how to crawl but I'm not entirely sure he understands the consequences.

(zeke and mal watching blues clues.)

Zeke at two loves the color yellow, reading dr seuss, playing in water or dirt or even better a mixture of both, dressing up and especially hats, doing somersaults, eating icecream and vanilla yogurt (and pizza and fish and cookies and bananas and...), kitties AND "woof woofs", chapstick, the words octagon and kabaam, the battle hymn of the republic, tea, wrestling with daddy, naps, making up songs which he then sings to his meals, trains or anything else that lines up in a neat row, sweaters with hoods, the crab dance (basically pinching your fingers over your head while you spin in a circle), and baking.

(fountains downtown)

He hates being told no or not yet, washing his hair, lettuce and all other leafy greens, crowds, strangers talking or even looking at him, shoes not put where they belong, that one child safety lock he hasn't figured out yet, when he meticulously lines things up in a perfect straight line but then Mal finally maneuvers over there to suck on one, having his nose wiped, holding hands in parking lots, and anything that he cant figure out in less than 3 seconds.

He goes to bed between 8 and 9 and wakes up between 7 and 8. He still wakes up at night needing a drink of water or comfort from a nightmare fairly often. He naps from 12 until 3. He eats more than I do some days, and then other days survives off of almost nothing at all. He is just over 30 pounds (inches to come at his check-up in a few weeks). He is meticulous, compassionate, generous, easily overwhelmed, and short tempered. He is more phlegmatic then anyone I have ever met. He is both right handed and right brained.

He's my son.

(A Mal at 6 months post coming soon)


Trippleaaa said...

He certainly is getting big! I am amazed by the number of things Zeke does that remind me of Aidan... all the way down to chapstick and telling me "now". LOL!

Anonymous said...

This is so my daughter when she was 2 also. It is so weird how much kids are the same. It is a little disheartening because I like to think how special she is and original but in the end they are pretty much the same.

Sheena said...

my favorite hand-holding tip:
"hold my hand or I'll hold your hair!"
Ellis chose hair. Then quickly chose hand. He has never had an issue since. It also helps to suggest skipping through the parking lot if it is practical, while holding hands of course. But be prepared to be asked to skip every time!