Snow Day!

"Zeke look out the window."

"SNOW!!! It's a SNOW day it's a SNOW day it's a SNOW day!!!!!" he screamed while he literally ran in circles in his pajamas.

You see, this past July he received a stack of old books, one of which was entitled "Snow Day". It was an instant favorite that he made Josh read him before bed every single night for literally months. So saying that Zeke was ready for snow seems a bit of an understatement.

When he stopped running in circles long enough to yell "I need my coat!", head twisting wildly in a manner I could only assume meant he was searching for it on the ceiling, I sadly had to inform him that we weren't going out into the snow until we had all eaten breakfast- not to mention gotten dressed for the day.

I expected arguments, if not a full blown tantrum, but I think he was too excited for even that. Instead he froze, hands wide in front of him like some tiny football player, and yelled "OK! Breakfast! Come on, lets eat breakfast RIGHT NOW!" and started running into the kitchen.

I've never seen my son, a notoriously slow eater, finish a bowl of cereal faster and by the time Malachi (who cared more about getting every single cheerio into his mouth then about going outside) was finished Zeke had managed to get one of his gloves and both of his boots- no small feat.

And that my friends is why #82 is waking up to a winter wonderland. Not because I necessarily enjoy snow- I do not. Nor because I was looking forward to shoveling our driveway with 1 child strapped to my back and another with a glove that fell off 3,982 times- I was not. In fact, we are leaving town on Wed and I have already ensured that I will never be forced to drive until then. That is, unless I get desperate enough to trek to the South Hill for knitting group Tuesday night (and I might).

But this is real-life magic, folks. This morning- it's magic. And watching Zeke bound from room to room, window to window, exclaiming "there's snow here!...and more snow here!....there's even more snow out here!" to ensure and delight in the fact that we are completely surrounded, I've got to say- Its worth it.

#67-82 of 1000 Moments of Grace

67. The 25th Sunday after Pentecost- a promise of holidays to come.

68. Zeke playing quietly by himself on a morning when I really really needed that extra hour of sleep.

69. Long, long, dinosaur trains.

70. A library, and all the wonders it contains, just a mile away.

71. New haircuts.

72. New hats, and the idle hours that make them possible.

73. A surplus of overripe bananas, a "problem" easily solved by warm banana bread.

74. Books I've read 1,000 times, yet still cant put down.

75. The husband that lets me sit on a Sunday afternoon, hour after hour, not putting that book down.

76. Hand print turkeys.

77. That first person getting crossed off the Christmas shopping list.

78. Brothers holding hands in the car.

79. The normal, "do nothing", nights that I know we will all forget.

80. Those first few snowflakes falling, and the yearly debate of whether it will melt off or we will never see the ground again until April.

81. A working furnace on cold nights.

82. Waking up to a winter wonderland.


Jen said...

I LOVE this post!! Happy snow day!

Rachel said...

Kalli was super excited about the snow too! Last week when it snowed but didn't stick, she was so excited, "I play snow?!"
She was pretty disappointed when I explained there wasn't any on the ground.

But then there was Sunday. She was overjoyed!
I had to stop on the way from the car to the temple so she could swipe at the sidewalk. And as soon as she got home, she played all over the back yard with a shovel and bucket while I took care of the chickens.

It's so funny and interesting how excited they are about snow since this is the first time they're really remembering the stuff. I remember a few months ago when Kalli was having a hard time figuring out why she was suddenly having to wear a coat to go outside.