Go Chiefs!!

Our church all went to the Chiefs (hockey) game for "buck night" (1 dollar popcorn, soda, and hot dogs). As you can see, Zeke was really really impressed.

Like, really impressed.

He really likes hockey, apparently. This thrills me to no end because its the only sport I can actually watch with any interest.

Plus, he got to sit on the stairs next to his friend Makenzie. Not to mention he got to eat popcorn, a hot dog, cotton candy, and even his first soda.

But I think even better than the food was someone to whack (and be whacked by) with a cheer stick.

Malachi, surprisingly, also seemed to really enjoy himself. He liked the hot dog as well, and all the clapping. By the end of the game he was really getting into all that clapping.

I'm thinking this is definitely a yearly event for us. By Zeke's screams the entire drive home, I think he agrees.


Nicolle said...

It was amazingly fun and exciting!!!! The kids were sooooo cute! We def will be going again. It could turn into a twice a year thing!!! Ttysoon

Kari Marchelli said...

I can't believe how grown up Zeke looks! Hockey is a fun sport to watch. I had a blast when I went except for almost getting hit by the puck....twice!