The Halloweekend

Did anyone else notice that a Sunday Halloween sort of dragged the holiday out? It was a full 3-day affair around here; we got dressed up 3 nights it a row. I have to admit that I am exhausted.

Friday afternoon we went trick or treating at Josh's office.
Josh takes the office decorating contest very seriously and thinks he will win again this year. I'm not as sure, competition was rough.
Malachi appreciated the fake bones strewn about, however.

Saturday we had our church Halloween Hullabaloo. I made 40 cupcakes for the cakewalk (plus a half dozen for Josh to pass out to certain people at work, and a dozen for home), and I have to admit that I noticed my cupcakes were among the first to be taken

Humorously, Zeke won the cake walk right away when it was his turn to play it, which dismayed Josh and I as we didnt really want any more cupcakes. We soon realized, however, that Zeke didn't know there was a point to the game besides walking in a circle to music. I guess he though everyone was just marching along for the pure enjoyment of it. So we let him keep on believing it.

His favorite game was probably eating a donut on a string.
That or throwing pies.

Sunday we trick or treated our 5 or 6 close neighbors, and our friend Jonathan, who lives about 2 blocks away.
Then we went home to welcome the trick or treaters that came to our door. And to enjoy the bounty of 3 days of candy.

Malachi, not willing to be left out, insisted on munching on the wrapped candy.
Zeke didn't always appreciate it.
And now its time for our Hallween ghosties to be retired until next year, (told you I'd put up a pic) and our Jack-o-Lanterns to be thrown out before they start to rot.

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Adria said...

aw the boys dino costumes are great! (or was zeke riding yoshi? good call on throwing out the rotting pumpkins. i hear they can damage carpet lol