The First of Many (plus #37-51)

The first but definitely not the last very dangerous think I have walked in on my sons doing:

Yep, that's right. They are whacking each other with sharp sticks. And laughing.

Why? Why was I given boys?

Only after looking at this picture again do I realize this could also be titled "Guess What Temperature It Is In My Livingroom"; I would explain why I have one child in a coat and one naked, but honestly? I would rather not. It's kind of like this all the time around here.

And to continue recording my thankfulness, I have #37-51

37. Persevering despite rain.

38. Hot apple cider.

39. Favorite movies watched under warm blankets.

40. Family traditions.

41. Mood candles.

42. Eating out.

43. Vintage dress patterns and big dreams.

44. Friends that only live 2 blocks away.

45. Google chats ability to turn people-I-havent-seen-in-years into people-I-talk-to-daily.

46. Remembering to begin Advent preparations in late October.

47. A toddlers pure joy in watching a garbage truck.

48. The sun peeking out after a long string of rainy days.

49. Steamy bathrooms.

50. A peaceful baby after hours of restless cold symptoms.

51. Surprises.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Aww it almost makes you tear up #50 having a sick baby is so hard and sad.