Tuesdays are Cursed

LAST Tuesday I fractured a bone on the top of my foot. Or at least we think I fractured it. Maybe it was just the worst sprain ever. I never went to the ER to get x-rays because I figured the only thing worse then taking both kids with me to the hospital was waiting until Josh got home, having dinner, and then spending my evening by myself at the hospital. Plus I figure what were they really going to do? Either wrap it up in ace bandage and send me home or cast it and give me a crutch I was going to completely ignore. Because lets face it, a woman with two children (one of them in arms) does not have the time or the free arm for a crutch.

HOW I injured my foot I wont go into. Because its rather embarrassing and also my grandparents read this blog. Lets just say it was nighttime and the kids were asleep ok?

But I wrapped it in Ace bandage myself, took a ton of Ibuprofin, stayed home and off my feet (as much as possible) for a few days, and switched cold and heat packs to take down the swelling. Also I made Josh change the cat litter, a chore that I find every excuse to be unable to do. (Excuses he finds legitimate so far? I got 2 weeks for childbirth and 2 days for a broken foot.) THIS Tuesday I was able to walk on it without limping and it just looked like a really nasty bruise, leading me to assume I made the right choice.

But I still got to experience taking both boys to the hospital with me.

Because Zeke chose this Tuesday to get impatient with my slow tea preparation and serve himself. Resulting in boiling water spilled down his front. Resulting in a burn so bad that I got all 3 of us out the door and AT the ER within 10 minutes.

The ER doctor told us it was a "3rd degree thermal burn covering 2% of his body", that he would be scarred for life, need codeine for the next few days for pain, but that we "probably wont have to be sent to a burn unit." Causing me to immediately burst into tears. This was probably my 3rd or 4th time bursting into tears. I am pretty sure I cried more over this experience then Zekey did, seeing as a half hour after arriving at the hospital he was in possession of a new stuffed toy, a half dozen stickers, juice, and a Popsicle and cracking all the nurses up with his jumping and spinning "tricks".

My pediatrician came over today to look at it and make sure it was beginning the healing process properly though and told me it was definitely a 2nd degree burn, that she would be extremely surprised if it scarred very bad, and that he looked perfectly comfortable and would probably remain so except for a bit of itching. She DID say he would most likely appreciate it if we skipped baths until it was healed but mostly seemed concerned for how I was holding up and told me to not beat myself up over it because these things happen even with the most watchful parents and kids are so resilient.

I like my pediatrician better than the ER doctor.

Also, Tuesdays might be cursed.


The Butterfields said...

I took Emma in when she was about 4 months old because she had a rash that was oozing. The dr. told me that she would need a spinal tap and several other things to figure out why it was so bad. The next dr came in to check on me (since I was sobbing) and informed me that she simply had eczema.
When I got home and got over my sheer relief, I was completely pissed. Glad to hear that Zeke is okay!

Anonymous said...

I have always thought Tuesdays are the worst days...


Kari Marchelli said...

Poor thing. Definitely don't beat yourself up. Kids hurt themselves all the times even under the most watchful eyes.

Rachel said...

Poor Zeke and poor mama!
I'm glad he's ok. And that ER doc sounds crazy, last I knew third degree means blackened skin, and that is definitely not what I see in that photo. (And second degree is blisters and first degree is just red)

On an amusing note: I definitly see Saturn on Zeke's chest ;-)

Jennspiration said...

He is a tough little guy...I know how bad it hurts when I barely burn my finger! He'll heal up nice I'm sure of it! Love you guys!