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My reading list is getting out of control very fast lately. Very out of control. The two books that are starred I am half finished with but the rest are waiting to be read either in the large and precarious stack at my desk, my public library queue, or my wish list for future amazon purchase (I feel guilty buying books on the internet when I could be supporting my local bookstores but I just cant beat those amazon prices). I WANT to finish off this list by the end of summer. At a book a week that would have been laughably easy, say, 2 years ago. As it is...we will see how it goes. It may be accomplished and it may not.

I am not allowing myself to add any more to the list until it's done however. So stop blogging about good books for a while ok?

*The Brothers Karamazov- Dostoevsky
Shogun- James Clavel

*You Are Your Child's First Teacher- Rahima Baldwin Dancy
Discipline without Distress- Judy Arnall
Siblings without Rivalry- Adele Farber
How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kinds Will Talk- Adele Farber
The Shaping of a Family- Elizabeth Elliot
Heaven on Earth- Sharifa Oppenheimer

The Male Brain- Louanne Brizendine

Artisan Breads in 5 Minutes a Day

Keep a Quiet Heart- Elizabeth Elliot
Let Me Be a Woman- Elizabeth Elliot
The Ragamuffin Gospel- Brennan Manning
Letters to an American Woman- CS Lewis
Weight of Glory- CS Lewis
Reflections on the Psalms- CS Lewis

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried ? You post books that you are willing to give away and then you can get any book for free if you are willing to pay for shipping on a book that someone requests from you, which is usually around $3.00. Pretty wide selection and you would be a little more eco friendly as well