It seems that while we were stuck inside with the flu, Spring finally came. I got to walk out my front door today (the first in NINE days) to this:

And I soon discovered that the little teeny leaf buds that I was soo excited to see week before last,
are really blooming out now:
I've got flowers aplenty coming up as well. Bulbs that Zeke planted in some...interesting spots:And a few that are more purposeful:

An afternoon spent in the backyard relishing our sudden 70 degree weather and new health reminded me all over again why I love early Spring so much. Its not just the beauty but all that anticipation of more beauty yet to come:
It almost makes me sad to be going off on a trip to see family next week. I'm going to miss so much. Im especially looking forward to watching this beauty of our neighbors get decked out in summer finery:
And of couse Ive got more planting to come...