Sock Bunny

Zekey and I made the cutest little sock bunny earlier this week. And I thought I should blog it just in case anyone wants to make one in the next few days before Easter.

It was super simple. Just take 1 child's sock and fill it all the way above the ankle with rice. Pick up the sock and let it stretch and the rice settle a few times.

Rubber band the top, right where the ribbing starts.

Now you want to shape the head a bit (its the heel) and tie some ribbon right below. Add felt eyes, mouth, and nose. Or draw them on. Dont forget the cotton ball tail!

Now cut the ribbed part above your rubber band in half, then round them off to make ears.

We also felted some easter eggs using these directions. Although Zeke didnt quite get it and ended up just making a wet wooly mess.

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Jules said...

Cute, and so easy.