Moments #207-226

I can't believe how long its been since I updated this list- the last one was before Christmas! So I will ask you to forgive me for backing up a bit.

Speaking of the future, though, Malachi's birthday is in 8 days! I'm in a little bit of a shock. Although not so much shock that I'm not planning our celebrations. Zeke and I decided on a balloon themed party after he fell in love with this cupcake design. Did I mention Zeke is planning his brother's whole party? I'm going to be making the cupcakes out of this very simple yellow cake. Hopefully it will be a keeper because I'm yet to find the perfect yellow cake. And of course there will be lots of real helium balloons too.

And my favorite part, a birthday crown. (As you can see, Zeke got one as well.)
Made just a bit big so that it will hopefully last the years (it fits my head a tad tightly, so I'm guessing it'll be a tad loose on Mal).
I cut everything by eye, and used the craft felt that I already keep around the house. They are by no means nice crowns. But they are my first sewing project to not bring me to frustration and swearing. And they were made with all the love I have in my heart.

And now backing up a bit,

#207 A little boy passing scraps to the puppy underneath the table.

#208 Clean, fresh water.

#209 A mess of wrapping paper.

#210 My sisters fiance reading Zeek a new dinosaur book. A family growing.

#211 God come down into the body of a helpless babe.

#212 A whole tub of train tracks- hours of time to myself.

#213 Sneaking in one last Christmas carol, days after the holiday has ended.

#214 Trees heavy with snow.

#215 Finding I actually do enjoy wine- if its the right wine.

#216 Knee socks.

#217 Truffles.

#218 The way Mal grabs my whole head with both arms and squeezes. The sweetest of hugs.

#219 A puppy bounding across snow taller than her.

#220 A 3 day weekend, 2 days after a 5 day weekend.

#221- Our very own "frosty"

#222- Staying up late with the sewing machine and a big cup (or three) of tea.

#223- My first sewing project to not produce a half hour or so of swearing.

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