Happy First Birthday Malachi!

Today Malachi turns one.
It's a bit hard to believe, honestly.
I know it's the cliche but, where did the time go?
Was it honestly only a year ago today that I lay exhausted, on this very couch, and watched Zeke solemnly give his hour-old brother knuckles?
It must be true, because here is this toddler, oh so suddenly.

Malachi at one can walk 3 or 4 halting yet sturdy steps, much to his mother's chagrin and his father's delight. We had a bet on if he would walk before his birthday and Josh won by 5 days. He eats anything, and often everything. He has 5 teeth. He doesn't say a darned word. Not a single one. He plays his cards close to the chest, this one.
He adores his brother. He will not abide being left out. He loves splashing in the bathtub, can toss a ball with the best of them, and will push a toy car around the house for hours, he especially delights in ramps. He is 100% boy. He gives the best bear hugs I have ever experienced in my life.He is full of determination. I wont say stubbornness, because I don't see it, not yet. He is not stuck in his ways, but he is very very determined. He laughs. At everything. Great rolling belly laughs and oh boy does he have the belly for it. He is happy 95% of the time and stark raving MAD the other 5%. I call him my angel, Malachi meaning angel. But I'll admit to calling him Malachi the destroyer as well. There is that other %5...

We threw him a very small party last weekend. Poor second children never get quite the hoopla do they? But there were balloons and presents and cake and what more can a one year old ask for? He seemed pretty happy.
We love you Mal.


Jennspiration said...

I just love the pics! You did such a great job! I can't believe it has been 1 year either...he is just so darling. Happy birthday Malachi! Love, aunt Jenn!

Jen said...

Great pictures!!! Happy birthday Mal!

ivymae said...

Happy birthday Mal!

Grandma Jane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALACHI!! Your great grandparents Bill and Jane can't believe a whole year has passed by, seems you grew so quickly. Thank you Courtney for giving us the feeling that we've actually held Malachi through watching his growth, month by month. You and Josh make beautiful babies. But, 2011 is the year of Courtney. We love you all.

Kari Marchelli said...

Happy Bday Mal. There is nothing like a baby getting his first cake!