An Answer

And the emails came pouring in. You wrote to me to tell me why you blogged, you wrote to me to tell me why you read my blog, you wrote to encouraged me, and you wrote to relate with me and I have to admit, I smiled. And I realized that this, this is in part why I blog. It is one lonely mother's way of reaching out.

It gave me much to ponder and I thank you from my heart. All of you. And I think this, especially, hit the nail on the head: "If ours is a generation of oversharing narcissists, then we're also a generation of voyeurs. And maybe that's part of it; everyone likes the proverbial peek over the hedge."

I think THAT, in the end, is what my blog is about, it is simply a peek over my hedge.

And I like that.

The thing is, life is beautiful. And I like that this blog gives me an outlet to share that, to live that fact twice and publicly. It forces me to stop, and notice it. And, though I have few readers and dont plan on ever having more than a few readers, it forces you to stop and notice it too. That life is beautiful, and there is much to be thankful for. And that, yes, sometimes life is messy and hard to look at but none of us ache alone.

And so now that my blog's identity crisis is over, I can move on with my internet-life. :)


Melissa aka Equidae said...

yes sharing our moments of grace and wonder is why we blog. Not for fame, for readership or comments. As long as we give it to the world to see and for us to relive we are happy :) am glad you are back on the groove.

Kay said...

Ending of identity crises is always a relief. =) I'm glad you're feeling better about things!