Mothers Day

We aren't really huge on certain holidays around here. I love holidays and celebrating and I've made efforts to make Thanksgiving and Christmas and Birthdays and Easter and the Fourth of July meaningful. But then there are other holidays that we either downplay or don't really notice at all; St Patricks day, Valintines Day, Halloween, our Anniversary ect. These days don't really have much meaning for my family.

And I think Mother's Day will probably fall into that category. Motherhood is hard work, and a position that should get its fair share of honor. But at the same time I cant help but feel silly about the whole thing. And as I try to articulate why I cant really say. It has something to do with the fact that motherhood should be celebrated every day...but then again so should thankfulness and Christs birth and resurrection. Or maybe that my motherhood isnt really all that miraculous so doesnt deserve a holiday. We all do it and many of you better than me. But no ones birth in our family was miraculous, and I feel strongly about celebrating birthdays. And its not as if I don't celebrate some holidays for reasons all my own. The 4th has always been more a celebration of summer and bbq then anything to do with our country, and it might be one of my favorite holidays of all.

So I have no excuse or pat reasoning. Josh bought me flowers yesterday on a trip to the grocery to pick up a forgotten ingredient I needed. And that will most likely be the beginning and end of Mothers day around the Clark home.

Except for some internal meditation on my thankfulness to be a mother at all. And perhaps that right there is what mother's day is for me, and why I have such a hard time with the idea of the holiday. I get the feeling that I am receiving more than I give in this situation.

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Audra said...

What a sweet idea... that mothers are getting more than they give. I like it!