5 years isnt really that long

One thing about being married for nearly 5 years is that you start to get a bit lazy about the whole thing.

For example, this morning I was baking a cake for a very dear friend who has been having a very hard week and making soup and bread for another newer friend who has just been blessed with a new baby. And as I prayed over the cake, and the rising bread, and the chopped vegetables; that they could be healing and that the people receiving them could be blessed by them, I wondered, when was the last time that I prayed over food made for my husband?

I mean, on the one hand, I make food for my family all the time. I figure I spend about 50% of my waking life in that kitchen of mine, either cooking or cleaning up after the effects of the cooking. And I try to pray over each and every meal as it bakes. But that is all very general. I mean, when was the last time that I made something specifically because Josh would enjoy it? When was the last time I made his favorite kind of cookies just because they are his favorite? When was the last time I presented a meal just a little bit special to show how I love him?

This is something I do all the time for others in my life.

Another thing I'm trying to spruce up a bit is the way I'm dressing for bed. It might seem a little silly but I came into a little bit of money to spend on myself recently and I've been searching around for girlier nightgowns then I currently own. Right now my bedtime wardrobe consists almost entirely of yoga pants and tank tops. And while that is comfortable, and while it is sometimes difficult as a nursing mother to find anything better, I think its worth the rather small effort to wear something slightly more appealing.

I think my goal this next week will be to think of at least 3 more things that I can do to show my appreciation for Josh. I feel like lately I've been taking him for granted. 5 years isnt THAT long, after all.


Melissa aka Equidae said...

Its true isnt it..I had the same thing running in my head and had been doing an effort on different aspects like remembering to give him a compiment or givinghim a massage or preparing a cooked breakast and so on :)

anythingbutsnow said...

Happy Anniversary! we made five years in May too! Yay for marriage and loving and togetherness and beating the odds.