I am the worst dieter ever

First, you know you are jelous of my lilacs :)

Next, I joined this Biggest Loser contest with some friends. I think I mentioned it. Well Monday was our first weigh in and I've got to say I was majorly impressed with everyone's loss. We're talking like 3 pounds in just a week for some of these ladies! I lost 1/2 a pound...all of 0.3% of my bodyweight, lol. My ultimate goal is to lose 9% of my body weight (15 pounds) so it was fairly comical to do my math and come up with 0.3%. I laughed for quite a while.

I'm fairly impressed with myself, though. I've never lost more than 1 pound in a week so 1/2 a pound is doing decent in my track record. And this is why: I am a horrible dieter.

I LIKE to tell myself its because I already eat whole foods and exercise everyday, so I cant really implement some big change for big results. I also like to tell myself its because I'm breastfeeding, so I cant calorie restrict too much. And I remind myself that Josh will kill me if he ever found out I'm doing some sort of Master Cleanse or No-Carb thing (Josh is crazy opposed to diets that go against common nutritional knowledge, he has no patience for it).

Mostly though, and we are talking 90% here, I am a horrible dieter because I have no self control. My nods to stepping up the weight loss included making a cobbler with granola instead of the usual dumpling deliciousness (mix frozen berries with a bit of sugar and bake at 375 for 15 minutes, top with granola and bake for another 10...it's awesome on ice cream). And then I made Brioche with whole grain flour and went light on the fillings (sugar and cinn instead of delicious cream cheese and preserves), but lets all admit that Brioche shouldnt be in the home of a dieter at all.

I literally cant stop baking. As soon as I think about stopping baking I get all mopey like "a life without pastries is a life not worth living!!" and then I eat an entire pint of Bailey's Irish Cream icecream to console myself.

It is a bit ridiculous.

I did start to implement replacing 1 meal each day with a Green Smoothie. Basically the idea behind a green smoothie is to take 60% fruit and 40% greens and then blend it with water. A lot of what Im reading says to drink 32 ounces of this stuff, but Zeke and I split 24 and believe me it is plenty.

Zeke is actually pretty fond of them. That kid would eat anything, true, but they really arent too bad as long as you drink them cold and fairly quickly (they start to gel after a while).

You have to switch up your fruits and greens for the full effect, so we get to play scientist quite a bit as well. These pictures are from our first, which was 1 apple, 1 bananna, orange juice, and spinach...basically what was around the house. But since then we have stocked up on supplies and have used pears, peaches, frozen berries, lemons, and pineapple in the fruit department and lettuce, kale, mint, parsley, and dandelion greens in the greens department.

Elsewhere in the house, this kid:
Is just getting fatter and fatter. Good thing HE didnt join the biggest loser contest, lol. Malachi is over 18 pounds now!! I cant wait for his 4 month check-up (which is coming up soon) because I want to know how tall he is as well. My guess is freaking tall.

At least there is one person in the house worse at dieting then I am.

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Holly said...

I have been trying to think about things you can do. So, I think you know that baking is not helpful. Would you be able to put all your baking aside until after the challenge? What type of flour do you use? You can switch to whole wheat and if you already use that then you can switch to a bean flour or rice flour or something.

I did the green smoothie thing for a few days and found that fruit is not helpful in my weight loss regimen. It was causing me to not lose as much so, I have put away the fruit for the most part, which the exception of a half a grapefruit in the morning and an apple for a snack.

What about cheese? Do you eat cheese in your diet? Cheese is super high in calories and fat. I have switched to Laughing Cow cheese, it's swiss cheese and has around 2 g of fat and 35 calories per wedge. It's a nice spreadable cheese but you can also chunk it up and put it in stuff.

I say there is nothing wrong with omitting carbs from your diet for a week or so to shock your system. If you do eat carbs limit them to twice a day.

Research online for your target heart rate and when you do your exercise stick to keeping your heart rate at that level because that is where your body will optimally lose the calories.

Also, you can figure out how many calories you should eat in a day in order to lose the amount that you want. I posted the directions on my weight loss blog if you want to look at that. Then just add the additional amount of calories you need for breastfeeding. You should still be able to lose the amount of weight because those extra calories will be going to Malachai.

Ok, well I don't really know how much of this you know or do. Just trying to be helpful.