I hate being disapointed

We had to cancel our camping trip for next weekend due to forcasted rain, lots and lots of rain. I am way disappointed because it was the only weekend this summer that we could really manage getting out of town for the 4-5 days that make driving all the way to McCall to camp with Josh's family worth it. We could still do a 3 day weekend at Priest anytime we wanted but camping alone isn't nearly as fun, and a bit overwhelming with the boys so little. So it looks like there will be no camping for the Clarks this summer :(

Even worse news, we cant afford to do anything more exciting then camping this weekend. Seattle, for example, is way out. So I am left with a 4 day holiday that I'm no longer even looking forward to. Sure, I will probably get started on painting Zeke's new bedroom, and cross a few yardwork chores off my never-ending list, but really? I was planning on having FUN, not just doing chores for 4 more days of my life.

I am still in search of SOMETHING we can do around here. If we get a little sun we can go hike a bit at Riverside National Park (about 2 miles from our house). But for the most part, Memorial Day weekend is a bust. Josh didnt even sound like he was all that happy to not be at work :(

This last weekend was a bit of a bust as well. Our 120 gallon fish tank sprang a leak. Yes ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY GALLON TANK, leaking. So that pretty much took up a huge chunk of Sunday, as in everything except church. But it was Pentecost, so I especially didnt want to miss it. And anyways it went realy really well. Zeke went into the nursery alone for service for the first time EVER and there where no tears at all!! We were so excited and proud of him!

And I shouldnt call the whole weekend a bust. Saturday was a very relaxing and fun morning/afternoon, finished off with the 3rd BBQ of the year (we go to a lot of BBQ's). We're pretty sure the 4rth will be at our house for Zeke's 2nd b-day bash, which is coming up faster than I want to admit.

Anyways, outtakes from the good parts of the weekend:


Adria said...

oh there is lots to do around here that could easily distract you from chores.... such as going to riverfront and walking down the the falls (the flood gates are open and the river is freaking high) and getting shaved ice. or might i suggest a day trip to post falls and a hike and picnic through camellian park (which I know i spelled way wrong, i just sounded it out. anyway it's off of Spokane street pretty easy to find) the park is beautiful!! point of comment; don't be glum and intentionally put of chores for at least one day :)

Adria said...

well it rained THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. And my camping trip was cancelled as well, total bummer :( movie weekend though! :)