It is that time again

Yep. It's happened. A little early this year, but the Nutcracker Army has been assembled. Another great thing about having a hypertonic uturus (or as I like to call it, a finicky uterus that may hate me) is that not only do I get to take a bath whenever I want but Josh will also allow or do just about anything if I tell him that it's affecting my stress levels. (Stress is a big trigger for baxton hicks contractions) Insert evil laugh here, folks. It is seriously seriously hard to not take advantage.

I mentioned that the fact that we weren't unpacked yet (Josh's "man cave" was still a box maze) and probably wouldnt be when the baby came was stressful for me, even though 1. I have promised that the basement is Josh's territory and 2. I almost never go down there. The next day, though, he completely unpacked the Laberynth (his name for it) and even went so far as to hang things on the walls. He just told me that he knew it was important for me to have this baby in a stress-free enviroment.

I said that I wanted to get out some of the Christmas decorations so that the house would be partly decorated when we got back from our Thanksgiving trip and I received the go ahead to release the Nutcrackers...even though we have a very strict "No Christmas Until After Thanksgiving" rule around here.

I'm having a very hard time not trying to get my long held dream of owning a miniature donkey out of this one... but also suspect Josh has a limit somewhere. I will probably find said limit if I try to get help filling out Christmas cards and envelopes. In all our years together the man has never adressed a single card, birthday invitation, graduation announcement, baby announcement, thank-you note, wedding invitation, or christmas card.

But still. I got my nutcrakers a week early.
And with only one small comment about how I had too many.
You cant ever have too many.
And Zekey agrees. He was soo excited to see all of mommy's "toys". I picked one of the larger, least breakable ones, to stay down where he could reach it and he just kept kissing and kissing it. Then when bath time came around he wanted to take it in with him.

Spokane seemed ready as well. It also snowed this weekend. I finished my hypnobabies program this week, so I will try to get a review up before we leave town on Tuesday. But at the same time, no promises...I've got a lot of packign to do.


Trish the dish said...

I love nutcrackers too, but we don't have any! My sisters both danced in it a few times too. It was a fun family tradition there for a little while...

Jen said...

Snow?! Crazy! I keep thinking that the weather here really isn't that different, but I guess not. I have been going about my outdoor business in only a sweater or light jacket. I've put on my top coat for fashion purposes only and was way too over heated. I want snow.... I guess I better come to visit!

Caroline said...

I adore Nutcrackers! What an awesome collection!