32 weeks and counting

Yep, I am now 32 weeks! Which means only 8 left to go (hopefully)! It seems kind of crazy actually, that I am so far along...you know...until I look down.
But updates: Blueberry is still spending most of her time in every possible position, sometimes head down, sometimes head up, usually sideways. She is a wiggler for sure. During my appointment she was horizontal, with her head against my left ribs and her feet pushing against my right side. I'm kind of amazed that she can still wiggle so much so easily, let alone fit in there sidways. This is either a smaller baby then Zeke or I have the biggest uterus ever... both are possibilities at this point. We've decided to start being pro-active about it (hence the annoying acupressure beads on my toes) but not worry yet since obviously she can still GET head down, she just needs to CHOOSE it when she finally gets too big to be playing contortionist.

As you can see, I am getting bigger and bigger. I now weight 170 pounds in fact (should I be admitting this on the internets?), which is what I weighed when I HAD Zeke. The stretching is also beginning. I have little tiny stretch marks inside many of my old stretch marks. I didnt know that this could actually happen, but apparently it can. Also, Josh was playing with my stomach and trying to make my belly button come out (h'es easily entertained) when suddenly all of his pulling made a little stretch mark. So THAT one is Josh's fault. I will remember forever. And he's not NEARLY as cute as a baby so I'm not sure he's worth it.

The braxton hicks continue, in fact they are just getting stronger. Nothing will stop them. Not upping my protein to the dreaded 100 grams a day (Do you know what that does to someone who's been anemic as long as I have? Can you say hyper-active?), not adding extra thistle to my pregnancy tea, not taking a nap everyday, not limiting my activity. These are apparently just going to be a fact of life, and so I've been really trying to be positive about them. I remind myself that they are healthy and normal, that it's my muscles getting toned for birth, that given my past trouble going into labor they are an excellent sign, ect. But honestly? Im having false contractions at least every 3rd day for anywhere from an hour to ALL DAY. I've been having them off and on right now since Wed night so that's 2 full days and counting. It's tiring, and I struggle at times to remain positive. It's worth it, don't get me wrong. And I love every contraction because it means I am THAT MUCH closer, and THAT MUCH stronger, and THAT MUCH more ready. I will have the strongest fricken uterus in all the land when we get down to it and pop that baby out in 45 minutes (actually, that would be awful). But at the same time, I am TIRED. With Zeke I was in labor for 38 hours...with this baby it is starting to feel like 24 weeks.

Thankfully, I have an amazing husband and son. I usually try not to bring them up when they are happening because there is really no point in us BOTH suffering. That and I know how tiring it can be to hear complaining all the time. But the other day at Costco when I asked Josh why we were walking so slow he said "oh, I thought it would help your contractions" so apparently I'm more transparant then I thought and he's been doing little things to help releive them all this time that I was trying to be so stoic. I guess the 20 second breaks in conversation every few minutes are a tell, who would have thought. I love him for it, though. For the little things like walking a bit slower. Josh also, God bless him, sees braxton-hicks as justification for taking a bath at any moment; right before dinner has to be made, in the middle of a Zeke tantrum; whatever the situation, I have a full right to excuse myself and take a bath. (for those of you without such knowledge, bathing almost always stops false labor and even when it doesnt stop it, its very relaxing)

Ezekiel is just as wonderful. If I lay down on the couch with them, he will bring me his blanket and rub the soft edge against my cheek (this is his comfort technique for himself) and say "oh mama". And if I happen to take a bath without Josh home, Zeke will climb in with me and pour cups of water over my stomach (which is too large to be submerged). He's a little labor coach in training. Maybe its all those birth videos I've been letting him watch with me.


Rachel said...

Wow! I can't believe you are 32 weeks either!
It definitely doesn't seem like it's been that long!

And, I guess I haven't seen you for a while (but it's only been a few weeks), you have "sprouted" quite a bit in the meantime! (Gotta love that third trimester.)

I had BH contractions all the time and my labor was only 9 hours (and would have been shorter if Kalli's cord wasn't too short). Mine didn't ever bother me though - sounds like yours are uncomfortable? But yeah, hopefully it will all be worth it in helping speed things up :-D

Melissa aka Equidae said...

I never had BH and worried :) I cant believe you're so far gone.....seems only yesterday that i started following!

Kait T said...

Oh I know "24 weeks" of labor well! I feel sorry for you but pretty soon little blue berry will be here and it will be a thing of the past. I think the last few weeks I took like 3 bathes a day. My husband graciously paid the water bill without complaining once! :) Chocolate also helps!!

Mama Kayla said...

Awww...can't wait to see the newbie!

Jennspiration said...

That's crazy, I can't believe you are already that far along! Can't wait to see you guys for Thanksgiving!